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1/10/13 New!!Developing the Wing-T Lineman

1/11/13 New!!The Evolution of the Delaware Wing-T Belly Series

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Offense - The Wing-T Offense  


Take a minute to learn exactly what the Wing-T football offense is, the history of the Wing-T, and some of the advantages the Wing-T offense brings to any team not matter what level or location.



SystemThe Wing-T "Order of Football"


A comprehensive  look at the Delaware Wing-T Offensive System.  This section includes diagrams of Wing-T plays, Delaware's play calling and numbering system, formations, plus much more. Option and Pass


Facts - Interesting Facts about the Wing-T


Have you ever wondered where the Winged helmet came from?  Or how the play Sally received its title?  The link above will answer all these questions and more.


Personalities - Wing-T Hall of Fame


 Information on the legends of the Wing-T offense including former University of Delaware  head coach Harold "Tubby" Raymond, Wing-T creator of the Delaware Wing-T David "The Admiral" Nelson, Wing-T authority Dennis Creehan, Wing-T Line play expert Tom Herman, and Coaching Legend Chuck Klausing.


    Wing-T Extras

New Message Board - Ask the Experts!

Old Message Board - Some good stuff on the old message board to research!


Post messages on the most informative football message board on the web.  Post questions and have discussions on the Wing-T with some of the most renown and respected college and high school coaches from Alaska to Sweden. This is one of the most popular links on Bucksweep.com.


Articles- Wing-T Coach Written Articles - Coming Soon!!! 


This link will bring you a resource of coach written articles. the authors of the articles range from high school coaches to leading Wing-T experts. 


Exclusives - Bucksweep.com Exclusives

A series of articles written by Bucksweep.com on various topics on the Wing-T. The topics range from the Waggle to Wing-T blocking


Buckseep Blog - Bucksweep.blogspot.com

A few years ago I created Bucksweep. blogspot.com.  It is similar to a lot of the blogs you find on the internet.  A lot of the information is the same that can be found on this page only in a different format.


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About This Site

Bucksweep.com is a website dedicated to the study of the Delaware Wing-T Football Offense made popular by the University of Delaware under coaching legend Harold "Tubby" Raymond.

This Website seeks to serve a wide spectrum of interests including fans, football historians, players, and coaches. Since February 19 of 1997 Bucksweep.com has been the single most comprehensive web-based reference guide on the subject of the Delaware Wing-T Football Offense.

Along with being the most comprehensive website on the Wing-T offense, it is also one the first of its kind and the oldest active website on the internet dedicated to helping improve the football coaching profession.

Bucksweep.com continues to grow as information is researched and gathered from a number of both new and established sources.  We hope to build on our progress as we expand the content and detail of this website for all who might benefit from it.  We hope you find the site easy to use and helpful!


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New!! Bucksweep.com Exclusive Article...

The Wing-T Blocking Debate:

Shoulder or Hands?

Bucksweep.com You Tube Clip of the Month

January 2013



Bucksweep.com Exclusive!

New!! Bucksweep.com Exclusive...




"The Evolution of the Delaware Wing-T Belly Series"



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