How to Get a College Job:


by Chuck Klausing


    Many college coaches admire high school prospects that can roll their hips in a block.  They watch defenders take on a block, roll their hips and peruse to the ball.


    Coaches are looking for speed.  But a technique that few know the secret to, is how to teach a player to roll his hips in blocking or taking on a block.


    John Bateman hired me to my first college job at Rutgers to teach his freshman to do this.  Dale Hall hired me at Army and said the difference in applications was how I taught this technique.  Bobby Bowden hired me at WVU as Assistant Head Coach to teach this technique.


    All of us agree that in blocking, it is the approach, contact, and follow through, but the part between contact and follow through is rolling your hips.  I had great coaches in high school and college.  They taught us blocking and tackling skills on a dummy and sled.


    The one consistent thing was the Crowther sled that forced us to roll our hips.  When all things equal in a block, block protection, or tackling. it is the player that can roll his hips that will win.


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