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12-22-2007, 06:18 PM
I am just as intrigued as the next guy about the ideas of a shotgun wing T. I have all Coach Lew's DVD's which are great. However, like most wing T people he uses it as a change up to his normal wing T.
Do you know of any teams that have actually ran most of the traditional Wing T plays from Gun? I have gotten some good stuff from jsanny and a host of others but, when I used this stuff in practice in seemed slower than traditional under the center wing T. Buck is slower from Gun. Down/Belly are slower from gun. Trap is scary slow from the gun. We got the stop watches out and recored the times many, many times.
We have a reciever that could be ridiculous next year. I would love to add to the threat of him by going into gun. But, we MUST be able to run buck, trap, belly, and down.
Thoughts or answers to what teams have run it consistently through a whole game would be helpful.

12-22-2007, 07:15 PM
We only run the Gun Wing-T. We did not go under center this year unless we were going to run QB sneak, wedge, etc. We averaged 430 yards per game, just over 300 on the ground; and 34 points per game. We did it at a no-huddle tempo.
We had some good players this year, but only a few are getting some small college recruiting looks. This system is not for everyone, but if you understand Wing-T principles, AND like to have the flexibilty to throw it, screen, and draw, then this is good stuff. I like it because I love the blocking schemes of the wing-t, but I also like to threaten every inch of the field with our passing game.
You do have to give up the Down. But the way Buck works, is similar to Down since there is no TE involved. Our base run plays on Trap (the key to making it quick is the QB stepping up to give the Trap, and not having the TB wait for it), Buck, Reverse (off sweep action), Waggle; and Belly, Belly Wide (Belly Sweep or 2nd man), BC (Belly Counter- with "Sally" blocking principles, and Keep Pass.
We have played around with a Jet package, but have yet to commit to it. If you get good at Buck Sweep with no TE, I'm of the opinion that it works about the same as Jet, because our halfback has the option to cut it up or take it outside, depending on the PSG's block.
I'll probably need to look more at it, because our Halfback's size will be smaller next year.

12-22-2007, 08:15 PM
I understand your concerns, coach. There are some timing issues from the gun depending the action that you use, and I am not sure what backfield action you guys have toyed with. Also, to this point, we have only used the shotgun as a change-up over the past three years in games. We have however, dedicated a great deal of practice over that time to working thru ideas with the system. We have also commited to going to the gun a great deal more next season because our QB's for the next three years are great runners, and we are looking to allow them to use their ability as much as possible. We will continue to run midline and inside veer from under center, though we have also toyed with running midline from the gun.

In Coach Plaa's offense, the trap fake takes place before the sweep fake with the QB having his back toward the LOS for the actual sweep fake. For us, our QB makes both fakes in front, facing the LOS (as Carnegie Melon does). We did feel that the trap play to the FB was a little slow. Our answer has been to remove the FB from the equation by operating from empty formations. We run the buck series with three possibilities now: buck sweep to the HB, man or wedge to the QB after the sweep fake, or waggle after the sweep fake. We do not use the trap scheme with buck series because it is be too slow for the QB to execute trap after the no-mo, sweep fake.

We do run trap, gut, and sucker off of jet sweep from empty gun however. With the speed of the jet motion, the QB hits in perfect timing behind the jet fake.

Also, you don't have to scrap down from the gun... let the QB run it from empty. If you are not tied to using only one gun formation, down is still a viable form of attack. We run Q Down from empty gun with either no motion or behind jet/rocket motion. Nothing changes except the ball carrier. I realize that several coaches on this site prefer to stay in only one formation in the shotgun, but we are willing to use anything that we can get to work.