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Chuck Klausing
01-11-2008, 11:24 AM
Webster defines Tadition as handing down beliefs.
In cleaning out my files in preparation to moving I found notes from a Delaware Clinic in 1993
Christiana was a Delaware H S State Champions They listed the plays of the
1989 State Champs 21sweep-21Waggle-24 on-31Power-34ct-34ct B.L. 82down-83XB and 31KP Which was 95% of their offense.
1990 State Champs.Same plays but added a 51Pass,82 Down opt.and 81 Ct.
1991 State Champs.Same plays but ran a 41 option and 81X 7.
1992-Same plays.
I hope I havent bored you Chuck Klausing