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Chuck Klausing
01-15-2008, 09:40 AM
I try to answer every communication I get ASAP.1.Postal mail answer it.2.Phone call return it ASAP.3.Fax follow up. 4.E mail easy to return. 5.?s on message board try to answer.
Dont miss a follow up.
The Rooney Rule.I was blessed to know the Chief. Once when his sons Dan And Art Jr. offered me a job to head Pro Scouting he advised me your a Coach not a Scout. The 3 people who took the job after me became General Managers of NFL teams. Im glad I took his advice. I have to call Art Jr. in a few minutes and I am assured he will acept the call or return it.
At Clinics when you meet people exchange Business Cards. Write on the back andy follow up or reminders.
I had 6 College jobs and I met people at Clinics Banquets and Schools that helped me get the job.
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