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Chuck Klausing
05-11-2011, 09:25 AM
Webster defines Leadership
1. The ability to lead.
2.Guidance of a leader.
3.Directing guidance.
This time of year their is a lot of reunions and Retirement parties.
I road with Frank Cignetti Sr. 100 miles-2hours to Morgantown W V to attend Garrett Fords Retirement Luncheon. 700 attended. Why? Garrett was a leader on the field and great guidance off the field.
We visited with many leaders.
1.Bobby-Terry-Tommy Bowden.
2.Don Nehlen--College Football Hall of Fame.
3.Jim Carlen who coached at W V U--Texas Tech.--and South Carolina.
4.Joe Manchin who was a Q B and Governor and now Senator of W V.
5.My 2 O S L Bs Andy Peters and Garry Lombard
Best part of the trip--
Two hours Down and Back
Great Discussion on Leadership
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