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04-17-2012, 01:25 PM

How are some ways you have improved your practices to be more efficient or beneficial? Whether it be on offense, defense, special teams etc. What are some of the "little things" you have done to make things better?

I will start:
- We assign each position coach 1 special team unit. He is the "head coach" of that unit and is responsible for gameplanning, scouting, practice set up, etc.

-Team Take Off: we do team take off at the start of every offensive practice. Our goal is to run as many plays as we can on air in 5 minutes. Coach on the run

- Change-up practice: You may think that disrupting routine would slow things down. Every 2-3 weeks during regular season, and probaly once a week during 2-a-days, we will change up our practice structure to break the monotony. We call it our "chaos" practice schedule. We will will cover everything we normally do but we will do it in a more high-tempo manner. The kids hate it, it takes some getting use to as a coach, but it makes practice go by fast and improves conditioning Below is an example:
let me know if you have any questions

look forward to hearing your ideas