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Chuck Klausing
12-04-2007, 10:05 AM
As a Marine Corps at Penn State in 1943-44 and then at Paris Island in Boot Camp and then at Quantico in OCS we were exposed to a lot of Physical Aptitude Tests.
1.We were timed in running Obstacle Courses.
2.Number of Push Ups and Sit Ups we could do.
3.Number of Chin Ups or Dips on the parallel bars.
4. Times in shuttle runs.
5.Timed in Bench Jumps.
I took the Bench Jump test with me into coaching. We started jumping Back and Foth over a shield,Then a Square dummy, 15-30-60 second intervals. The small receivers and defensive backs had the best times.
Interesting at Pitt in 1986 Craig "Ironhead" Heyworth and Vinnie Siragusa showed great aptitude. Ironhead in games would leap over standing tacklers, We did a lot filiming side view of our Defensive Line.When the ball was snapped Siragusa was the first moving.No wonder he played in the NFL.
Bench jumps proved to have great carry over value to Football and the NFL.
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