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  1. National Wing T Clinic adds Option Room ..Welcome Back Bucksweep!

    Bryan glad to see the site back up and running! The National Wing T Clinic is one month away January 24/25. Please visit the website for all details and make your hotel...
  2. National Wing T Clinic January 25th and 26th

    Good Morning,
    Just a reminder that the National Wing T Clinic is January 25th and 26th at the Pittsburgh Marriott Airport! This is the 13th year of the clinic and once again we have over 50 hours...
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    Got a text from Gerry this afternoon sharing...

    Got a text from Gerry this afternoon sharing this sad news! Bruce was an innovator and a Coach that would bend over backwards to help other coaches! He was a great coach and a better man! He was...
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    National Wing T Clinic thanks you!

    Just want to thank everyone who attended this past weekend and also our speakers for doing a great job! We have gotten a lot of great feedback and plan on taking that information and making next...
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    Coach we host a National Wing T football camp at Trine University June 8th, 9th and 10th. Our staff includes myself, Herm, Gerry and Bryan Gallagher and depending on numbers Blair Hrovat and Mike...
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    National Wing T Clinic INFO

    Hope everyone had a great Holiday! Please continue to send in your registrations. Having as many of you pre-registered allows us to make sure we can ensure a great weekend of Wing T...
  7. National Wing T Clinic Speaker Line up...

    Below are the up to date speakers for the National Wing T Clinic in Pittsburgh January 27th and 28th! We will be adding a few more! Visit for all clinic details. Please...
  8. 2017 National Wing T Clinic- January 27th and 28th

    The 11th Annual 2017 National Wing T Clinic will once again be held in Pittsburgh at the Embassy Suites Hotel. We are in the process of updating our website for this years clinic. Please call now...
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    National Wing T Clinic - THANK YOU

    Just wanted to thank all of you who attended! We had over 400 coaches from 30 different states this past weekend! We have received some great feedback and are looking to make a few changes next...
  10. New Record

    After the new registration forms we received this morning, we now have coaches attending from 30 different states! Look forward to a great weekend of Wing T football!
  11. National Clinic - Travel and Hotel Updates

    Mother Nature must be a Wing T Fan! After this past weekends storm the forecast for the clinic this upcoming weekend is almost perfect. The weather is calling for temps in the Mid 40's and even low...
  12. Ntional Wing T Clinic is Only 2 Weeks Away

    Coaches, we are only 2 weeks away from the 10th Annual National Wing T Clinic. Visit for registration and itinerary information. The Hotel still has a few rooms...
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    National Clinic- thank you!

    Just want to thank all the speakers for doing a great job and all the coaches who attended! We always wanted this weekend to be about football, camaraderie, and a few laughs. We have gotten some...
  14. National Wing T Clinic WEATHER AND TRAVEL INFO

    Coaches, we are 1 week away from a great weekend of Wing T football. Regarding WEATHER, the 7 day forecast for the area is calling for temps to be in the mid to upper 30's and even a chance to get...
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    2015 National Wing T Clinic Updates

    Coaches, please continue to send in your registrations. We need to communicate with the hotel and having as many pre-registrations as possible really allows us to plan properly. Secondly, if you...
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    Coach, many of our speakers have agreements with...

    Coach, many of our speakers have agreements with video companies that prevent taping their talks. The last 6 years we have had coaches at each clinic that represented over 27 different states. We...
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    2015 National Wing T Clinic

    The 2015 National Wing T Clinic is January 23/24 at the Embassy Suites Pittsburgh Airport. The speakers list and topics are now posted on the web site Once again we...
  18. National Wing-T Clinic Travel and Weather Information

    Coaches, Everything looks great for this weekend. Pittsburgh weather is going to be cold but sunny. Friday and Sunday travel should not be a problem for anyone. If you are arriving by plane, the...
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    Coach, I am going to speak on this at the clinic in Pittsburgh. We run belly from the gun and under center.. In the gun we can have three different people carry the ball. We run traditional belly...
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    2014 National Wing T Clinic

    Just wanted to remind everyone to reserve your room ASAP. The hotel is almost booked for the weekend. Visit for all details. We have changed a few speaker topics. Please...
  21. 2014 National Wing T Clinic Speakers and Topics Posted

    Visit click on 2014 Itinerary to see topics and speakers for this years clinic! All speakers are confirmed and the only slight change you may see are to a few topics if...
  22. National Wing T Commuter Camp opportunity..

    Coaches, Tom Herman, Gerry Gallagher, Bryan Gallagher and myself have the ability to add one more commuter camp at your school to our schedule this summer. We just had a coach change their position...
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    Coach, this is exactly why we went to a no huddle...

    Coach, this is exactly why we went to a no huddle system. We have incorporated "freeze" motion which would help us with the defense walking the LB into the B gap or adjusting when the motion starts....
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    Coach, we ran belly from the gun in multiple...

    Coach, we ran belly from the gun in multiple ways. With 2 Backs like under center with the HB leading through with the FB following, QB Belly with the HB faking jet motion, the FB through the hole...
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    National Wing T Clinic January 25/26th

    We have posted this years Itinerary to the web site We have a couple holes to fill in and have secured speakers but need to just fill those in on the web. The Hotel is...
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