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Thread: Thursday night in Pitt

  1. Default Thursday night in Pitt

    This is just a feeler to see how many people are gonna be up there that night and see if anyone is down to hangout and begin the amazing weekend.
    Javier Valdes
    Head Football Coach
    Mater Academy Lions
    Miami, FL

  2. Default Coach

    Coach, The last I checked we had over 30 rooms booked in the hotel on Thursday night. So I assume there are going to be a bunch of guys around. I am doing a walk through with the Hotel Staff that afternoon and plan on being in the bar Thursday evening for dinner. Hope to see you. David

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    I will be comming in Thursday night

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    i am in
    want to hit primantis for a sandwich thursday?

  5. Default thurs-Dave

    Love to chat more about Rugby. It was great at times and other times it hurt us. You have been a great help to us young coaches, thanks!

  6. Default Coach

    Lets get together. Brian and Gerry Gallagher are also arriving on Thursday and all they do is Rugby Punt, they do not use a traditional punt anymore. We could have a great conversation. Dave

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    Default thursday

    we don't even run an offense or defense-we just rugby punt. seriously-love to talk some football on thursday night. gerry

  8. Default Gerry

    Gerry, The Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich we were going to give you this weekend for speaking is now just 2 pieces of bread. Dave

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    Default Pittsburgh - Thursday Night

    I'll be in hopefully around 8:30 - 9:00 Thursday Night and would love to sit
    and talk wing-t. I am also there to keep Gerry out of trouble!
    Coach Sadloch

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    Default Thursday

    Do we all want to set a time aside to meet in the bar at the hotel?

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