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Thread: Wing-T Team Camps

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    Default Wing-T Team Camps

    Coaches, I am looking to take our football team to a Wing-T Camp this summer and I was wondering if anyone had information about any good ones on the East Coast. We are located in the central part of VA. We have attended college team camps in the past and we are looking for something more Wing-T oriented. This was my first year at the school and we installed the Wing-T this season and I just want to do something that would benefit us a little more than what we have got from past camps. Thanks in advance for any information.

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    Default contacts

    let tom herman or dave mcdonald know.they do the national wing-t camps. chuck klausing also does his camps.

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    Default Team Camp

    We go to Coach Herman and Mcdonald's National Wing T Camp at East Stroudsburg. There was a team from Virginia there last year. I think it is a great camp at a great location. My email is - I can get you more info or get you in touch with Coach Herman and Mcdonald is you are interested.

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    Default Looking for a Wing-T camp in the South East

    I am also looking to take my team to a Wing-T camp this summer. Any ideas at to where in the South East?

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  5. Default summer wingt camp

    Rich Erdelyi, offensive coordinator CMU, has a great camp at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. Contact him at (I think I got that right.)

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    Default Wing-T Camps

    Thanks for all of the information. We have chosen to go with a private camp with Coach Klausing. He is supplying us with a Wing-T Staff and we are looking very forward to this camp. Very economical and cuts out the cost of overnight camps with traveling expenses. Should save us close to $5-$6K. Not many dates left so if you are interested you better contact Coach Klausing very soon.

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    Default Camps near WI?

    Does anyone know of some good Wing-T camps near Wisconsin? We want to take our kids someplace so they only have each other to rely on.

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