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Thread: HB 1st step for Bucksweep

  1. Default HB 1st step for Bucksweep

    I have been working on a video playbook of our Great 8 as a teaching tool. Diagrams, Rules, pointers, explainations etc... I was reviewing what I have had done and one of those questions that you have never really thought about because it is so basic popped into my head...

    1st step for the HB when running the bucksweep is a crossover step... but why and does it really matter? Why would a trap-type step with the inside foot not work - what ever as long as it works and doesn't mess up a mesh..

    It's a basic and very 'simple' question - almost feel dumb to ask it but... dang... it's been bugging me since I went to bed last night...

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    A cross over step forces the HB to end up exactly in line where the FB was before the snap helping create a perfect mesh between the HB & QB. If he does not cross over step the HB may end up to wide. Precision is important in this offense.
    Coach Ruiz

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    The crossover step also ensures that on the 2nd step, the HB's hip is open to the QB for the handoff. With jab step method, on the 2nd step, the near leg will be in the way of the handoff

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    Two very good and correct replies.
    Bryan Schaumloffel and

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    Default why crossover

    all good reasons. the pullstep creates a little more depth. we want a forearm's distance handoff for precision and better deception.the crossover step has the back run right through the initial position of the fullback. the other reasons are nicely expressed in the previous replies.

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    We teach the crossover step because we feel it times up the mesh better.
    Remember we are not only talking sweep but trap and waggle also.
    Coach Sadloch

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    it reaffirmed what my thoughts were vs the thought of coaching and over coaching.

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    Default What about Rocket

    To help simplify (as we coaches always like to do), do you see an issues using the crossover step on Rocket as well. In the past we have just had our backs open straight to butt of FB. Would the crossover get him out of that line?

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    Default no problem

    we use crossover for consistency but i see no problem using a pullstep with rocket as there is no handoff precision involved.just want to be sure the diveback does not continue for depth after the fullback position.

  10. Default Cross over steps.

    Tubby told me once his reasoning it was like a baseball player leading off first base. The best way to get to second was on a crossover step
    Chuck Klausing

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