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    Default Tackle Trap Pass

    How many of you false pull your tackle on Tackle Trap Pass and secure the flank with jet motion. We have always block it solid, but thinking of switching, we would like to attack the flank more on it and blocking on always allowed that end to string us out.

    That being said I want to be solid in protection first. Love to hear thoughts.

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    It is either a game time adjustment or the tackle's rule is not to pull vs. a 3 man side.

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    We have always pulled our tackle on Counter Bootleg. It gives the quarterback a shorter flank to attack plus it helps in protecting the backside.
    We have also used regular counter motion, jet motion and formations to
    try and pin down the playside flank allowing the qb to get outside.

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    Default counter boot

    we've run more power counter [34 ctr @8] so solid blocking was a better compliment for us. 34 ctr [tackle trap] is making a comeback for us so the traditional tackle pull scheme is a logical consideration.

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    Default counter bootleg

    coach the counter bootleg pass has been our #1 turnover call for 37 years,(it has been giving way to the hurricane off the jet in the last 3 years)with that said, we do not pull the tackle we have our HB after the counter fake come off his track and block the backside. as for the pin on the DE we have our wing go a little early in his motion so he can gain leverage on the DE. or we will use x lead motion (same as jet) and block back on the DE
    There is nothing wrong with pulling the tackle (good false key) we just want to have max protection on the play side
    hope this helps
    Joe Sells
    Malvern Prep

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    Quote Originally Posted by msm
    There is nothing wrong with pulling the tackle (good false key) we just want to have max protection on the play side
    Coach Sells,
    I agree with the max protection. We started to have difficulty blocking the DE when the DE came hard or followed the pull. Having the max protection work well for us.

    Malvern had a hell of a year! Please say hello to Gamp for me.
    [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkGreen]Jamie Auch

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    Default jamie

    jamie good to hear from you hope all is well and yes it was a hell of a team we had this year I will let Gamp know you were asking for him

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