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Thread: Jet from 100/900

  1. Default Jet from 100/900

    Do any of you run jet sweep from 100/900? Do you have the dive back try to set the edge, or lead out on the corner?

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    Default Jet

    Coach: There are certain plays that just don't "get 'er done" from certain formations... and this is one of them!!! I don't see how the HB can set the edge coming from the diveback position unless he could cut block... and that can't be done in HS. Try it out of Red/Blue!!

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    Default rocket

    jet motion the wing across and run rocket to the diveback.

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    Default jet in 100/900

    coach would the jet guy be a lead blocker to the flank?

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    Default Willamette’s Mark Speckman

    Coach Speckman has been running the Fly or we in the Wing-T world what we call jet to the open side of a pro formation like our 100/900 since the 80's. They run it from under center and the gun with great success. He says it needs to be 33% of their offense. You can find an article in the AFM magazine and on the Glazier online clinic page. We are actually looking at running it this next year or inside veer to the weakside out of 100/900.

    Coach Holt
    Maryville Spoofhounds Football

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    I'd have to disagree... that Jet out of 100/900 is NOT an effective play/formation combination, particulary vs. reduced & even front defenses. We run it with a crack scheme in which the SE comes inside on the OLB & HB arc/stalks the CB. PsOG still pulls and gets into the alley, looking for 1st alley fill from wrong colored jersey. He might even get into a double situation with the SE. What we teach him is to stay in the alley and NOT drift into the RB's Hash/Numbers/Sidelines pathway. We don't use it as a steady diet, but it does create conflicts as most teams expect traditional Buck, Belly, Down from those sets. With the quick motion and a good blocking SE (which we've had the past 2 seasons) it can be devastating for that poor OLB player.

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    We have done it but just like running Buck Sweep or Belly Option to the SE/Dive Back flank, you can not have an overlap defender there. If there is none, than it can be done.

  8. Default We've had success

    Coach we run both Jet/Rocket and what we refer to as Speed Sweep.

    We only run our version of Speed sweep out of 100/900 and only against a 40 front. We have a little variation: The Quick Tackle and Quick Guard run a Veer blocking scheme and the FB runs a Veer or Quick Belly through the playside "B" gap.

    We've found that well-coached teams will have an athletic end that flexes (just a little) out in a doubles look to stop Jet. When we are in 100/900 he shrinks in to stop ISO. As the QT heads on his veer track, the End shuts down and we DO NOT BLOCK HIM. Let him come down and tackle the FB who doesn't have the ball.

    The WR is in a condensed split and cracks OLB. HB takes an angle like he is running a Flat Route and then kicks out the corner. (He has to run flat route steps to make the OLB think he is running a pass route). The ball carrier must make a little bubble once he receives the handoff.

    We call this 139 Speed. As soon as the end stops shutting down we run 143 Speed. (Everything is the same and you hand to FB)

    One of our lineman was a center for Oregon State and they ran this a bunch against Maryland two years ago. USC started running the scheme a few times to Joe McKnight this past season.

    Again...this is a change-up for teams that are well-coached, scout incredibly well, and well-techniqued. We only run it against 3 teams on our schedule. We like to run it to the short side of the field too.

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    Default go dogs??

    I find what you described as your speed sweep as VERY interesting.

    Here is my question, is the AB still reversing out when he hands the ball to FB on Veer course or is the jet motin coming and he simpy opens to playside to hand to FB?

    I also think outside veer would be very successful vs a 9 technique who is coached well. if the TE goes down to the 5 technique and the jet is coming his way, what would he do? If he squeezes, he can't sto the het if the ballcarrier bubbles a hair at top speed.

    very interesting

  10. Default QB action

    Sorry, I forgot to tell you guys what the QB does.

    He does a tight spin. This part is tough to coach because you don't want the QB pushing the fullback out any wider.

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