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Thread: Wing T and Pistol

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    Default Wing T and Pistol

    Has anyone had success with the Wing T and the Pistol set? I am intrigued with both. I havent been on here in a while so if its already posted I apologize. Please let me know.

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    There is a team that run triple from the pistol. They've run rocket as well. I've head coached say the run wing t philosphy ideas from th "I", so i would thik th epistol would be the same.
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    Coach Brian Van Deusen of River Hill H S in Clarksville Md runs a Pistol Rocket and won the State Championship the last two years.He was a regular with his team when we had the camp at Western M d College.He uses Red-White and Blue formations His Q B is about 2 yards behind center and the F B is offset behind a Tackle. He starts a slot in motion and pitches to him on Rocket Sweep. He has an advantage with the F B leading the Sweep.He can fake the sweep and hand off to the F B on Dives Traps and Counters.This a great change in the wing t that has helped him win State Championships.
    Chuck Klausing E mail

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