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Thread: How much is too much?

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    Default How much is too much?

    Last year was my first year as head coach and I implemented the Wing-T. It was a shock to the players who ran the spread for the past 3 years. The O-line struggled with their assignments because in the past were not expected to know as many assignments and the offense was new to my staff. We stuggled in the beginning and did improve every week. This year I want to stream line the offense. What would you suggest? We ran 21, 24, Waggle, shuffle passWaggle screen, trap option, Jet, 31, 32 power, 34 counter, Counter Criss cross, Counter pass, Keep pass, 82 down, belly, sally, option, down option, belly keep pass,91 lead option. look in pass.
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    We have streamlined our offense as well...

    - Belly xb
    - Sweep
    - counter / sally
    - keep pass
    - Down
    - Down reverse

    - sweep
    - trap
    - counter / sally
    - waggle
    - reverse

    POWER (30 series) & DROP BACK:

    We use multiple formations, motions, shifts, and play variations to give us many different looks using minimal "blocking schemes". For example we have about 10 different ways to run Belly Keep Pass using different formations, motions, and routes while using the same overall blocking scheme. We have found that our kids execute much better when their minds are taxed less. Using redundant blocking schemes has helped us to achieve this.
    Be great!
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    Coach it has been my experience that each season is different. By that I mean; What is the intelligence level of your kids? How well does your staff
    know the Wing-T? Will you be Fullback Oriented or Halfback Oriented? Is your
    quarterback a runner? passer? both? How fast is your team?

    As far as your offensive line, It takes a good 2 seasons before they really
    feel comfortable knowing their assignments. You really have to groom this group if you want to be successful!

    These are some of the things we are doing now to prepare for the fall of 2009. Once you answer these questions, you can start putting together what you want to do as far as formations, series and plays. Hope this helps.
    Ed Sadloch
    Head Football Coach
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    Default Too much!

    Coach Auch: In my humble opinion, you have installed waaaaaaay too much Wing T offense... especially for the first year running it! I think there are 3 major offensive "concepts": power running; option and passing game. For most (normal!) HS programs, you only have time to get really good at 2 of them! I saw that you are running Power AND Option. I would encourage you to consider focusing on only one of those and work on making your passing game an effective part of your attack.
    If you would like to talk about it further, please email me at
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    I coach 7th grade, and it is their first year with the Wing-T, so each year is "shock" to the players!

    I have a suggestion for your O line. We use wristbands with their rules on them. We do our very best to teach the players their rules, what the terminology means, etc. When they are unsure, they can take a quick glance and see their rules for each and every play we run. As time goes on, they don't need the wristbands.

    Non-starters can come in with more confidence that they will be able to execute, using the wristbands.

    I cannot upload our wrist rule sheet, since it is Excel, but I'd be happy to email it to you. Our numbering WILL NOT match Delaware numbering, but you'll get the idea and can tweak the file all you want.

    Below you'll find where I pasted what is found on the TE side tackle's wristband (we flip flop our line). It is a little messy, but should give you the idea.

    Tight Tackle
    10/11 ................Down, Backer
    16/17................Gap, Read, Down
    18/19 ................Gap, Read, Down
    18/19 waggle......Step and hinge
    19/18 wag TE.....On, Backside
    24/25 (Switch)...On, Backside
    28/29 Option......On, Backside
    40/41 TT...........Down-Backer
    44/45 (Switch)...Down-Backer
    44/45 KP...........Step-Hinge
    48/49 Option......Down, Backer
    Rocket Sweep....Reach, Rip, Run
    Jet Sweep.........Reach, Rip, Run
    Missile Sweep.....Reach, Rip, Run
    Zip Sweep.........Pull & Kick out Corner
    Quick Pass.........Fire Out Short, Pass Block

    Email me at for the Excel file.

    As an added bonus, viewers can try to guess which numbers equate with which Delaware series! (Hopefully no one is that bored)

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    Thank you coaches! You all have given me plenty to chew on before next season. My father ran the wing-t for years and has made me realize that depending on your personnel, your offense will change. I also adhere to Tubby Raymond's principal of spreading the wealth and taking the pressure of the skill positions. I have seen players be exclusively blockers (WB) and runners (HB). I have seen the FB be a primary blocker or the force of the offense. My father coached Kyle Eckel, who played under Paul Johnson at Navy. He was truly a force to be reckoned with in HS.

    Being at a small private boarding school, my talent will vary year to year. I understand that my offense will have to adapt to my personnel. I am thankful I have this forum and the help of all you experienced coaches. Please bare with me as I stumble and work my way through building my program.
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  7. Default Same boat

    Coach -

    We were in the same boat a couple of years ago. That first year... egads.. I can remember us drilling Buck Sweep Over and over and over...

    Last year - 1st day of 2AD's got kids lined up, explained the buck sweep then ran it... SWEET MARY... it resembled a Buck Sweep! Power... it looked like a Power, Belly... incredible... it actually looked decent! Best of all... we had very few returning offensive starters... but the underclassmen retained the basics in the offseason... it was a wonderful thing to experience...

    GOod Luck

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    This will be our first yr running the wing and we are looking at:

    24/26 Guart Trap
    21/29 Jet

    82/87 XB
    84,86 Sally

    Also the waggle series and Keep Pass out of Belly.

    If we can grasp this I would love to look at the 60s, but not that impt this yr cause QB is not a threat to run

    Is this too much??? Also what do you guys do in 2 min situations

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    Default Coach Murphy

    Coach: I would recommend you consider substituting 34/36 Tackle Trap Counter for the 84/86 Sally. Though Sally is a great Wing T play, it is from my experience more of a "college level" play as opposed to working on the HS level.
    If you'd like to talk some Wing T individually, email me at I'd love to help you get established in your offense!
    In Christ,

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    Respectfully disagree with Lew about Sally. We've averaged over 9.5 yards per snap on our Sallys over the past three years. Tackle trap is a good play, but there is a reason that Gregg Perry calls Sally "the BEST counter play in football." The key with Sally is you REALLY have to know what you are doing, and be able to get the kids to understand what they are trying to accomplish with the play.

    Sally isn't really a's a STATE OF MIND!

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