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Thread: te calls

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    Default te calls

    How does the tight end know when to call short on power for example? How does he tell the difference between a 4-3 and 4-4? Versus a 4-4 with a 7tech it is the short call is the right call. Versus a 4-3 with a 7 tech it is not so clear. Same thing if the defense is in a 4-3 under with the sam lb as a 9 tech. How does the te make that decision. Does the center, guard, or tackle make a call to help him? Thanks for the help in advance.

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    We tell our TE to block opposite the DE in all of our power plays. In other words, a 9 means block in and a 7 means block out and a 6 is usually game planned for that week.


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    Could you explain the short call not sure what it is.

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    On a power play it lets the fb know who he is going to kickout. On a different play, it may also let a guard know who he is kicking out. Versus a 6 or 7 technique the tight end makes a short call letting the kickout man know that the tight end will be influencing out and the man to be kicked out is a 7 tech or 6 tech. This is great because you can influence that end, especially if he is jamming the tightend and trying to prevent him from blocking up on a linebacker, such as if it was a 4-4. I would like to know how the tightend knows when to make this call. If the defense is a 4-3, it's not as clear. If you read creehans book it describes the short call versus a 4-4. Raymonds book also makes use of the short call.

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    We use a different call for that but do not use it on power. We will have the WB block the first man outside the te and leave the man over the te to get kicked.

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    Default alignments

    each lineman calls the alignment of the defender over him. guards -2,2i,3, over tackles- 4,41,5,over center- 0,1 rt.,1 lt, over they all could have a gap call- point being by listening to the alignments the te tells the te what he's doing. while he must know his rule the alignment calls help him interpret what he's doing. hope this makes sense.

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    So if there is 3 tech over the guard, he should get doubled. What if there is a 5tech over the tackle and a 9 tech sam lb over the te. Should we kick out the 5 tech? Or what if there is 3tech over the guard and 7tech over the te, but in one instance it is a 4-4 with 2 30 tech ilbs and one instance it a 4-3 with a mlb over the center and a 40 sam lb over the tackle? Thanks again for the help.

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    Default rule blocking

    if it's power -by rule pst is GAP-POST-LEAD with man on [5tech] and no threat to gap he will post and te will double team with him. {pst-makes a call to indicate ON} no man on the tackle [3tech or 2tech] he will lead on the double team with the psg {makes a call to indicate SHORT because it's a shorter hole.}

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    Thanks I guess if I get a 3, 5, and 9 run the bucksweep. Then that leads to the question of whether or not the wing is gonna block that 9 tech or let him get kicked out. That depends on how loose he is. Thanks again.

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    Default down/bucksweep

    you can run power vs that. also create conflict using down and bucksweep.

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