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Thread: Using Delaware teminology with the jet and the rocket

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    Default Using Delaware teminology with the jet and the rocket

    I have implemented the wing-t last year using Delaware's terminolgy and numbering system. I understand that the main run game is the 20, 30, 40, 80, and 90 series. The 20 series is the bucksweep series. The 30 series is the power series in which all backs go to point of attack. The 40 series is the inside veer series. The 80 series is the belly series and the 90 series is the lead option series. Where do the jet and rocket fall? Your input is appreciated.
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    Coach we use 90 series for Jet and 70 series for Rocket. If you do not run read option you could use 40 series. We use 50's for 3 step and 60's for 5 step. I would say go through the numbering system and see what you are not; we do not run lead options so 90's are free for us. Thus we use 90's for Jet.

    What you get into at some point is differentiating if you want to run belly action rather than trap action behnd the Jet or Rocket. You can assign different series or you can tag it....

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    We use the teen series for Jet and it's compliementary plays.
    Example Red 19 Jet....Red 12 Down.. Red 11 Waggle.

    You can use 40 or 90 series for the Jet and complimentary plays.
    It's your offense!
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    When we use the del numbering system We used the 10's for jet and 90's for rocket. We didn run the sprint out or lead option series.
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    We took a different approach to numbering using jet/rocket...

    Jet motion trumps all backfield motion, so if the play was to be jet right, the QB/WB footwork would be jet no matter what...

    With that said, we used the series number to determine the FB path-

    20's put him on a trap path just like buck
    80's put him on a delayed frontside belly/down path
    30's put him leading to KO at the hole (as well as tagged with load/crack etc.)

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    I can tell you that Delaware wasn't running rocket in their Wing-T days, and I don't recall what the numbering was for their Jets. Part of me wants to say that it was included in their 20 Series??? Not sure though. Hopefully, someone will be able to definitively give you an answer on that.

    Our numbering goes: 10's-Midline, 20's-Buck, 30's-Belly, 40's-Power, 50's-Jet/Rocket, 60's-Veer (Inside and Outside), 80's-Sprint-out, 90's-Three step drop.

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    Default series numbers

    this is what we use- 10's= run and shoot [have not used it for a while] 20's-buck series 30's- power [features kickout by the fb-tackle trap counter is found here] 40's- veer 50's-sprintout 60's- jet series 70's- rocket series 80's= belly[2paths belly and down] 90's= 3 step and speed option

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    We use the following numbering system. Let me say that last year was our first year using series numbering, so we modified even the Delaware system to fit our identity and alleviate confusion for the kids.

    10's--Read Option (Midline, Veer, O. Veer)
    30's--Belly Series
    50's--5 step drop (draw, screens too)
    70's--3 step drop
    00's--Quick Pitch (It didn't really fit anywhere else.

    As you can tell, we have room to grow if necessary, but right now, we have PLENTY of offense.

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