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    Default 2 minute offense

    I am looking for ideas for a 2 minute offense. What does everyone use and is it different than your regular wingt offense? In the past, I have went to a 3x1 spread shotgun formation but still used my wingt blocking schemes. Just wanting to get some ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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    I would walk out my TE and be in the double slot. That way, I still maintained a 4 back attack and misdirection. The L or R call sent the back out in the route with the other one staying home. If we were in hurry up, the qb would call the r or l call depending on where the boundary was.
    Marcelo Metzelar

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    Default 2 minute

    Coach: The only tip I would add is that you need to go to "no huddle" and practice a "hurry up" package!
    I like quick fire patterns particularly with the quick out to the short side of the field with the SE. If the CB jumps it, we wheel the SE up the sideline and tell the QB to reload quickly and get the ball just over the head of the corner... don't make it a long throw!
    I hope that helps.
    In Christ,

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    Default 2 minute offense

    We focus on "Universal Passing Concepts" that are good vs any coverage.
    For example..... the "Stick Concept" is good vs anything and can be taught / utilized under center with fly motion, down pass, keep pass, sprint game and can be run from gun.
    We have gotten to a point where we are throwing out those routes that are only good vs certain coverages. Speed outs by the outside guy isn't a favorite of mine vs cover 2 so we have thrown it out. We can get "essentially" the same thing with some of our screens.

    Lastly, I may stir the pot with this comment but in my very humble opinion..... the achilles heal of the WingT is the lack of 2 minute offense, ability to come from behind and to spread defenders out of the box (conflict through alignment). At some point..... you can't play in a shoebox.

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    Gerry, revoke his card please... hahaha...
    Be great!
    Frank Laratta

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    Default My card....

    Should I get in line behind those who are running Inside Zone????? LOL....

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    thought for sure my old HC's card was getting revoked a couple years back when we passed for 5 tds in a game. that was the joke going on for a while

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    We run what we call "Mayday" when we want to run hurry up.
    We put about 10 to 15 plays on wristbands. The Qb will start by calling
    Mayday...Mayday (which is the cue to line up usually in one formation).
    He then calls out the play number as people are lining up and then the direction 1 (right) 9 (left). We snap the ball usually on 1st sound.
    However, sometimes we will change the cadence in game planning.
    Ed Sadloch
    Head Football Coach
    Cedar Grove (NJ) H.S.

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    All I have done is line up in Loose Gun with the FB off set to the wide side or call side. There are also a few plays that need to be run with the QB under center so we just go over them with the team & the FB knows to line up normal in these situations. We use our normal play calling system since it is different than Delaware or any other wing-t system so no teams really know it. Since it our normal caling system & plays, we get plenty of practice time on these plays & all we need to do is find a small period of time to practice no huddle. We can do it at any time in practice or we can scipt it in as a 2 minute period.

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    Default hurry up

    our 2 minute offense was very simple
    we would go double slot with 1 of four patterns that we would signal in
    1- WO sq. out
    2- slot deep out
    3- WO slant
    4- slot post corner
    5- draw
    we would coach the hell out of this but simple got us good production
    because of the wing-t style your 2 minute offense can be good or poor depending on your qb,when we had a bad qb it was sprint right or left
    hope this helps
    Joe Sells

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