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Thread: Modified Truck with Rocket Motion?

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    We are going to run truck with jet motion this year. We have discussed the idea of running the same blocking scheme up front to attack D gap, but using rocket motion. We currently run the "laser" play to attack C gap and we block it the same as counter XX, which we run by having the HB go into rocket motion and the other HB intercepts the pitch. Have any of you used the laser backfield scheme (with the pitch intercept) and made it a D gap play by blocking it like truck? If so, have you had success with it?

    Thanks in advance!

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    We run Lasor (Rocket Intercept) with the same blocking as Truck (Jet) attacking the D Gap. We want to call it when the backside DE is chasing flat and fast on play away. QB must make a "soft pitch" letting ball tumble in air and BSHB wants to intercept the toss behind outside leg of the BSG. Based upon my experiences the Rocket Intercept is just as effective a play as the Truck.

    Denny Dierick

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    What do you guys think about running it both ways. A simple tag at the end of the play call would tell the line how to block and the backs where we want to attack. I would think the ability to run it to either C or D gap would really put the DE in conflict. Any thoughts?

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