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    Default Weight Club

    Do any of you have "weight clubs" in the weightroom,(ex: 600 lb club = bench+squat+deadlift minus body weight)

    If so, what are your lifts and levels.

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    Default Weight Clubs

    We have "weight clubs" in our off-season weight lifting program. We go by 100's and the three lifts that we use are bench press, squat, and clean. We don't subtract the body weight.

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    I have done this a couple of ways
    bench, squat, clean=total
    800,900,1000, more if you have them
    at my school we had 3 guys with 1000lb club
    2 900 and a few 800's.
    so now
    I do all 4 (bench, squat, clean and deadlifts)
    totals are alot better looking, and now the clubs are
    In my eyes its more about getting the kids motivated to lift, if a dang T shirt is what it takes, so be it... Alot of coaches will say that its easy to get a shirt with deads. Heck, alot of coaches dont even do deads anymore.

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    I use the 800/900/1000 pound club from bench/clean/squat and give them a shirt if they make it. They love the shirt and the fact that they are a part of a "club" gets them excited. We actually had two make it in the 1100 pound club a year ago and I am very strict on the depth of their squats.

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    800/900/1000/1200 lb club shirts

    3 lift total (Bench, Squat, Deadlift). I use these because this is a tradition I picked up from a STUD S&C coach in VA. I respect him totally and adopted his principles here.

    I'd like to (in the future) reward 250 Power Cleans and 400lb Squats- IMO these are more indicative of athletic improvement.

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    Default Pound Club

    We like to use the term "Pound Club" we measure Box Squat, 3-board Bench press, and the Dead

    we have the 900- pound club, 1000- pound club, 1100- pound club and then after that we call it the Iron Pound Club.

    The shirt designs with pound club on it look a lot better too!

    Coach Z
    Coach Z[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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    We do an "Iron Man Club"...the following is copied from part of the sheet the players get explaining the club to them.

    The IronMan Club will be split into three levels and each level will receive a different color shirt. The weight of your one-rep maxes in bench, squat, incline, power clean, and push press are added together to give you a total weight.
    Grey shirts- 1150 lbs. or 6.5 times your body weight.
    Red shirts- 1400 lbs. or 8 times your body weight.
    Black shirts- 1500 lbs. or 8.5 times your body weight.

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    Our weightroom is VERY IMPORTANT to me. I TRUELY believe this is one of the biggest components to winning football games, so much so I hang my hat on it. We do have clubs and it is based on the combination of three lifts:
    Bench/Below Parrallel Squat/Power Cleans. We have a 500-700-1000 club. However, We concentrate and get our kids to believe in Power Indexes. We preach that if we can get the entire team over a 4.5 or higher power index then we will win a State championship. Urban Meyer tells his players this and since they been utilizing this concept they have won 2 national championships.
    This best motivation I see in the weightroom is when the players see their bodies change and their numbers for each of the lifts goes up as well. Within 5-6 weeks our players see amazing changes in their bodies.
    We use to use BFS with good strength results, but not significant body changes. However, in the last two years we have switched to using the Conjugate Method of training and as a result we have seen 14 more wins/ Four players go D1/ and the bodies on our players change drastically.
    Hope this helps
    Jim Wright
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    We also use a lot of the West Side Barbell Club stuff in our strength program and have seen great results this year. If you ever get a chance at a clinic to listen to Buddy Morris from Pitt speak do it. We have adapted their program to fit our team this year and it has been great. We really don't have a club that is broken down by poundage but do test them and put up the results. We also reward the players who are in the weight room on a consistent basis with t-shirts. I have always felt that the jumps in gains are more important to praise than just pure poundage. If you take a kid who couldn't bench 100 when he starts and maxes out at 185 I feel that is bigger deal than having a 280lb OL bench over 300 and should be rewarded as well.

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    We are lucky because where I've been we have a player who's father is the head strength coach at Wake Forest. They pride themselves on the fact that they don't get the big-time recruits that other ACC schools get. They get the best they can and develop them. Our access to that program has really changed the way I've done things. We take a page from Wake Forest's program and use "The Clean Club". I think the bench is worthless so we don't focus on it. We do it because the kids like it but it's not sport specific so we place little value in it. We use Olympic Style training that focuses on lifts that emulate the movements needed on the field. We set a weight (it can change depending on the situation) for three types of clean. Power Clean, Hang Clean and Clean and Press.
    We don't put the squat in because we focus on perfect form and going below parrallel. Wake found out (and we believe as well) that mentally if you set a poundage goal on the squat, it leads to cheating. We want maximum athletic production, not powerlifting meets. That being said, the squat is the keystone of our program. We just approach it from the view that we'd rather have a guy doing a perfect set of 185 pounds than a 400-pound 3/4 lift.
    The first year you begin with your clean totals set low. This leads to a little larger group in the club but it also leads to a big "buy in". The next couple years you raise the bar on it and make it more exclusive.

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