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    The following questions are based on a discussion in a coaches meeting. What type of contact drills drills do you use in practice? Specifically, do you try to make all contact drills relevant to actual game situations? Do all of your contact drills reflect what a player will experience in a game? Do you use any of the older drills such as bull-in-the-ring or other such one-on-one/small group contact drills? Also, how much full-speed contact do you use throughout a practice session and how much of the time is spent on timing and fits, etc.? Any thoughts on this topic are appreciated.


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    Anytime we do "Contact" drills they are what we call CLOSE ORDER.
    By this I mean we are either fitting players into players and then doing a drill
    or we are going full speed but for only a couple of steps. This is done both
    on offense and on defense. We very seldom go live in practice.
    Ed Sadloch
    Head Football Coach
    Cedar Grove (NJ) H.S.

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    We are pretty physical in the way we practice so any drill we do is going to relate back to a game situation or stress fundamentals during the drill. Our linemen do all their drills full speed, which is a bit different from other positions full speed, we work 1-1, double teams, our pulling drills all full speed. Of course we stress proper technique and do some technique drills in the summer and through out the season. We will also throw out the bags and use them for some drills but we will go full speed with the line every day for at least part of their indy time. We do a tackle circuit each week and do that in a controlled manner. Most of our D drills are full contact but not to the ground. We try and practice like we play as much as possible.

    When we do team we are full go but have a quicker whistle if we are doing team O during team D we are a bit slower with the whistle

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    We are very close to Erie ...

    Most of our team time was live on the line and thud/wrap the backs ...

    A few times ... when tempo or mental attitude needed an adjustment .... we would go full bore live (after a proper "verbal correction") ... however, a judicious quick whistle avoided major harm to our scout teams or a freak injury to our starters ...

    Most of our drills with nonline positions were partially controlled (including our tackling circuit).
    However, the line did a lot of their tech drills live ...

    Full contact all the time, IMO, leads to practice injuries, discouraged backups and decreased numbers ...
    Just My Thoughts


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