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Thread: Screen Ideas

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    Default Screen Ideas

    Any body out there have any new or innovative screens in your playbook?
    Ed Sadloch
    Head Football Coach
    Cedar Grove (NJ) H.S.

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    Default Screens

    We love our middle screen and can throw it to any of the eligibles by tagging them (A Middle Screen) OL does a 2 count and release....OT have inverts/Olbs.....OG have the inside linebacker...C has most dangerous man. Any receiver not in the screen runs a vertical until they see the man over them break down then we break down and block. If a back is in the backfield and not the screen they run a swing waving their arms and yelling I'm Open. Qb drops 3...pumps....drops two more and dumps the ball. Not revolutionary but a go to for us.

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    Default Belly Screen

    Not sure if this in new or innovative but this TE screen compliments our Belly Series well...

    Be great!
    Frank Laratta

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    Default Screen Ideas

    Coach, we have incorporated the screen package from the AirRaid offense.
    Fast Screen
    Bubble Screen
    Both the above screens with backfield action
    Slow Screens (like Waggle Screen etc...)

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    Default Te Screen

    Coach what are the rules for the TE, LT AND LG on that screen so they won't collide with each other?

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    Default Belly Screen

    The diagram does a poor job in showing the TE technique but here's how we coach it... The TE will take a hard step inside & cup for a 2 count (sally technique) giving his man the outside. After a 2 count, he will release underneath the man and then turn (with his back to the sideline) while he gets some depth. The PSG & PST do the same but their path is underneath the TE.
    Be great!
    Frank Laratta

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    Coach Elrod has some great screens in his playbook.

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    We use the belly/rocket screen that coach Laratta uses. It is a great play. I like running it out of red/blue. You could also run it off of jet motion.

    ONly time it didn't work waqs when they playyed man, and the corner sat on the te. We now have the SE/Hb fake belly pass.
    Chris Cuomo
    Offensive Coordinator
    East Haven High School
    East Haven, CT

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    Coach Laratta-
    That seems like a great play. How much trouble do you have timing up the throw. In my mind, which is small, grant you, the qb would have to wait on the TE and Guard and tackle to set up. Is there anything special you teach him to time it up, or is it an exaggerated two count or anything? We have a great screen, but my gosh this looks too simple not to at least play with it. Thanks!

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    We run a HB pass off of our jet series and compliment it with a screen throwback to the QB who is booting away from the jet. We tell the QB to make a TERRIBLE fake so the defense sees he does not have the ball as he boots away. He gets wider than the DE to his side and we dump it over his head.


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