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    Looking for advice. I am interested in looking in other areas of the east coast (such as NC) for head coaching jobs. I have been successful (50-12 to trips to state final four). However, I am not getting any bites outside my local area. I know it is who you know and who has heard of you, but I am surprized Im not getting calls at some of these HS's who haven't had that kind of success. Any thoughts?

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    I hate to say this but if you are from north of Mason Dixon, that may be why you have not heard back from them. I lived in VA for 5 years and for the first 2 years any idea I had I was told they dont care how I did things up north. What made it easier for me was that I started as an assistant and then worked my way up and I stayed for a long period of time so people could get to know me. (and I developed an accent which didn't hurt) I had friends from PA that worked in NC on the outer banks, and it was the same for him until he had been there a while, and had married a local girl too. So that may be why you are not getting the interest you want. Good luck! I hope something cracks for you.
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    Coach: The experience we've had here in the Tidewater region of Virginia is: administrators will look first to see if there are any qualified applicants in the school; in the city; in the district/region. If someone with your outstanding credentials jumps out at them, they would usually respond anyway just to talk with you!
    My question is: to whom are you sending your inquiry? Are you including a resume? Finally: are you following that up with a phone call? You need to be just a "tad" persistent to let these people know that you truly are serious about re-locating.
    Make a few calls and find out what's going on! Good luck!!!

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    Thanks - I definitely think it is because I am out of area and perhaps too that Im coming from a school in the smallest classification (although I have been a coordinator at a big school prior to my current situation). I have followed up with phone calls, but I think you are probably right. I am looking in PA as well - so maybe I'll have a better shot there.

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    What's your teaching area? Jobs are tougher to get this year in NC than normal. I can tell you, I came from PA and couldn't get a sniff at a HC job. I relocated as an assistant. I had a couple interviews after year one here (and an offer but I turned it job for the wife at the time) and got a job after year two. It's not unheard of to get a job from out of state here, it happens every year. However, you'd be better off geeting on with a good program for a while and go from there. Just my two-cents.

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    I know of an opening at a school in our Region in PA. Their coach just resigned to go back to the school he left before this school anyways.... it's a small school, Single A class, in the smallest district in PA but they made the playoffs the last 3 years in a row. PM and I can give you more info if you would like.

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