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Thread: Wing T Bashing

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    Just thought you guys may get a chuckle over others view of our "tired" offense. On NCPREPS (A NC High School Football Board) somebody posted bashing the Wing T. Thought you might be interested.

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    Not that I am some bleeding heart liberal, or even close to that side, but the pictures in the signatures of the people discussing this should show about how much credibility there is in what they say.

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    I did enjoy reading that.

    He types, "I am not bashing nor am I a coach" and then proceeds to bash and explain how to play & use available talent.

    I guess that I am new enough to the Wing-T (about four years working with the offense) that it hasn't become "tired" to me yet...

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    Forrest Evachevski, Davey Nelson, Tubby Raymond and Ted Kempski
    please forgive them for they know not what they say!
    Ed Sadloch
    Head Football Coach
    Cedar Grove (NJ) H.S.

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    I saw that too. I swore off NCPreps a few years ago but if there was ever one that wanted to bring be back out it was that idiot.

    I'd like to mention to him that the jet sweep and rocket (toss they call it) that so many option and spread teams are running is ours. Belly XB, Down that I teams use is ours...

    Can you imagine Crest running the wing-t?? Look out. 290 pound monsters blocking for 185-200 pound gazelles. Backed up by a defense that can fly. Scary thought.

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    Back in 2000, when I was an assistant at Hoke County (NC), we played Crest in the first round of the western 4A playoffs. I'm not sure how they are now, but back then they were loaded with athletes. Putting that group in the wing-t would be scary!! I say go for it Crest!

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    Crest running the Wing T would be very scary. Catholic is strong program who wins with it as well as Rocky Mount. I know I got plenty of grief at Southern Lee for running the Wing T instead of the spread or the I. People just don't get it. With the addition of the Rocket and the Jet, the Wing T is very versitile and can be very deadly. When is running a disciplined multiple offense a bad thing? Who cares how long it has been around?

    They switched to the Pro I after I left. The guy who took over mocked the Wing T in jest, but it was clear he also thought it was a joke and commented that it was easy to defend.

    I know I am a member of the CULT, but I think the Wing T is the best offense for high school football because of the things you can do with it and its flexibility with personnel.

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    Who Frickin' Cares What They Write !

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    Let them bash all they want. Let them drink the kool-aid of the spread and other offenses. I love when no one else in our region runs the wing-t, just makes it harder for them to get ready for us and easier for us to run it down their throats.

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    I welcome the bashing, in fact I wish there was more of it. Hearing positives only encourages more people to run it - and I don't want to have to defend it!

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