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    I have been searching all the forums I can find to see if anyone else has this question.

    I am a head coach in our local youth program along with doing stats for the high school team. This will be my second year doing stats. What I found was the stat process was pretty archaic using a stat book from 20 years ago. It did just fine if we were only using it to give stats to the local paper but did nothing really to pin point trends as the game goes on. On Friday nights the common joke is that I am "only the stat guy".

    couple of things, first does anyone use a excel type stat book that you could send me and can be updated quickly at half time to give real time info for adjustments? Second as head coaches what type of information do you want from your stat person and why?


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    We use Digital Scout Statware for football. We have our stat guy go in the press box or he can even sit in the stands and do it. It is a computer generated stat program that gives real time stats any time you need it. If you are interested go to We really like it.

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    IMHO Stats vs Game Breakdown are two different things.

    Stats would measure the results of a play with a focus on the results mainly ball carrier yards, 1st downs etc... The best form/format I have found to keep these is the stats sheet produced by Maxpreps. Easy to get end of half, game totals at a glance.

    The Breakdown would be more, formation, hash, yards, play, ball direction this could be more used for halftime adjustments and self scout. Are you thinking for Offense, Defense, Both??? If this is what you are looking to do. You are going to need to be well versed in terminology used by your team, have a sense of what the other team is using for formations etc... to make sense. Then I would recommend that you have a spotter, determine what information is most important and what you want to capture because you really don't have a ton of time between plays to figure things out...

    Don't know if that helped but I have encountered the same situation...

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