WE have run the wing t since 1987 and have since added the jet and rocket sweep to the package. We were always a team that aligned our WB's outside foot at 2 yards from TE and 2 yards from the LOS. On SE flank it was 3 by 2. We would cheat at times, but worried about giving the defense a tip on the play. (even thought you tell him to do it at other times)

I read here on Bucksweep where Chuck K likes to us a 1 by 1 on TE flank and 1 by 3 one SE flank.

In today's practice - we spent 30 minutes on just basic fundamentals like your first step, gap blocks, etc. We go to 11 on 11 and our back misses the gap block, maybe because from the 2 x 2 he couldn't get there or his first step was bad. Just wondering how many buck sweep teams run a 1 x 1.

I would appreciate very much hearing your thoughts on this. Do you do 2 x 2 or 1 x 1 or both and why.

Thanks ahead of time.