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    Fellas I know this isnt the place for it, but Im starting to panic some.

    I am a former OC at a 4yr old school in NC, coached in FL and IN for 10 years. I have been head wrestling coach at every school too.
    I wasnt budgeted out of the schools, I was forced out.

    Anyone know this late in the year where I could catch on?
    PE cert only. Could give you 100 references or more....

    Its late, maybe too late...

    PM me here or email me at

    thanks guys

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    Coach, I hear South Johnston and Oxford Webb have PE openings. Also, Grimsley is looking for a wrestling coach teaching position is "TBA".
    Have you looked in Fayett-nam? Tough teaching task but they are always looking.
    I'd bet a couple of the rough Charlotte schools will be looking after mid-July.

    Don't panic yet. The budget is due on the 15th. Once that goes through, positions will open again.

    Also, have you looked into South Carolina?

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    Thanks Mark.
    I have contacted most of them, except SJ.
    Fayettenam, they are cutting right now.
    Im waiting to hear back from Carver. I didnt know the budget was the 15th, I thought it was the june 30th? So I guess thats why I havent heard much.
    Im not in full panic mode,yet...
    Thanks again.

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    Well...June 30th "by law" the NC Budget has to be balanced and passed. When they couldn't settle they passed an 85% funding bill that pushed it to July 15th. The bad news? They just passed another 85% bill that pushed the deadline to July 30th.
    Keep "lurking" around those jobs in Fayettville and Charlotte. People will leave etc. They always do. Some of those schools have a 30% teacher turnover rate.
    Our county has a middle school AD and football position at South Davidson. Not sure if they filled it or not. You may want to call.

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