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Thread: youth wing t base plays

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    Default youth wing t base plays

    I know that this has been answered many times in the past, but I am looking for the base plays that you all would use with teams of 6th to 8th graders, one hour of practice a day, 5 days a week. Any help would be very helpful.

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    24-26 (Guard Trap)
    21-29 (Buck Sweep)
    21-29 Waggle (Play-Action Run/Pass)
    22-28 Counter (WB Counter away from Buck Sweep Action)
    plus a few different formations.
    Boring???? maybe
    Effective???? WITHOUT A DOUBT
    Ed Sadloch
    Head Football Coach
    Cedar Grove (NJ) H.S.

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    Default Youth Plays

    Hi Coach,

    This is an interesting question. I coach 7th and 8th graders and have about 20 total hours of practice time (2 hours - 3 days - 3 1/2 weeks). This is a bit simplistic but you have a 50/50 split between offense and defense practice time with the kids, which leaves you only 10 hours of offensive practice time. Now take out time to put in special teams and you have maybe 6 hours left to teach.

    The question changes a bit, what plays can I put in and be effective in 6 hours....whew it took a while to get here but this is what I put in preseason.

    Belly - both to the TE side and SE side - we run a 100/100 base
    Rocket - only need to make two blocks to make this baby go.
    Belly pass
    Belly Waggle

    This is all I can get in during that time. Otherwise we are putting in kick off the morning of the first

    As the season goes on we will bring in more plays and more formations but I would rather run my fours plays better than the other teams that have 10-15.


  4. Default Youth Football have a Wedge

    The first play I put in at High School--College and Canadian football League was a wedge.We needed for short yardage expecially on 3rd and 1 in Canada were the defense had to line up one yard from the ball.
    Chuck Klausing

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    I'd back up Coach Sadloch. Trap, Bucksweep, and Waggle are the first three plays I install with my 7th graders. Up the middle, to the TE flank, and to the SE flank, all in one series. Emphasize fakes! Also, we start exclusively with the 100/900 formations.

    We ran Waggle Q yesterday, which tells the guards that they are not waiting for the QB to yell, "GO! GO!," but just to run. Massive gain. Installation time: 5 seconds, which was how long it took me to tell the guards just to run.

    I also have to agree with pjdrews about the Rocket. When it goes badly, it still goes. I have heard different coaches on different boards give different opinions, but it is always an easy install for us with great results. We run a very high tempo pitch drill in practice that helps a lot with the timing.

    PM me if I can help out.

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    Our HS does not run Buck, only Rocket and Jet. We focus on Rocket because it is so easy.

    My top plays are Trap, Rocket, Waggle since they all have the same action in the backfield. This helps the young kids understand a little faster.

    In other words, pick a series that is not overly complicated and build off of it!

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