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Thread: giving up on buck

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    Default giving up on buck

    Coaches-- we have been repping buck every day for about two weeks. We used it in our scrimmage the other day-- terrible

    1. 9 technique didn't budge on wing's down block
    2. guards were too slow getting around

    I'm about to can it, any helpful tips? If we could doulbe at the point of attack, I think we would have a chance, but I don't want to lead with my Fb.


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    If i'm getting a 9 tech i'm going to run power at him. i'm assuing your playing vs a 4-4. Send the TE down, have the Wing outside relese to the second level. Let the FB kick out the 9 tech.
    Chris Cuomo
    Offensive Coordinator
    East Haven High School
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    there is a team here in michigan that uses a back-up te or tackle (usually a tackle) to play wing and has him block down to create great spacing

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    It's part of the offense, but at the same time, it sounds like you're beating a dead horse. Try running it out of different formations. Running Spr121 forces defenses who align to the TE be weaker on the WB side. You can also run Right 121 and that can take out the Monster and force him to cover a wider spot. Running it out of an unbalanced bunched set can maybe buy your guards an extra second. Perhaps running motion with the WB away from the POA could help slow it down. Who is faster, the G's or the T's. You can run it with tackles pulling. Maybe running waggle on ealier downs will help set it up. You can also run 121 Screen. Block it like 121 and have your QB throw it back to the HB could help.
    My point is this ... a game is tough enough without have to worry about running something ineffectively. And maybe it should come to pass because it's not working vs all the different defenses you see. Keep repping it, and if is works, great, if not you'll you can scrap it, but you're back ups will be able to run it better the follwoing season.
    Good luck,
    Marcelo Metzelar

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    Default 21-29

    if your fullback is a better blocker try going 200-800 which puts our FB at the wing and we cross train one of our HB to play fullback, this will get you a much stronger down block
    as for the guards being to slow, it might be a case of such a poor down block by your wing it makes them look slower than they are
    one other thing you can try, I have seen other wing-t teams do this is to have your TE and WB combo on the DE
    Just some ideas to think about
    Joe Sells

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    Don't think you necessarily give-up/abandoned the Buck Sweep - especially if you want trap or waggle to be nearly as effective. Just maybe need to be more selective with it. Our first year of Wing T - 80% of the staff was questioning why we continued to run it. The biggest gainer was 5 yds. It takes TIME... about 1/2 way - 2/3rds the way through the season it started to take shape - had some success then... BUT the NEXT season it really came into itself and worked pretty dang well!

    I agree that if I see a 9 tech - Power the snot out of them. THEN when he sneaks down abit... then pop it on them. Remember don't attack walled cities...

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    If the 9 tech is that outside conscious and the wb is not getting any effective blocks, you could run the down there or run bucksweep short- have the te and front t down block, have front g kick out the 9 and backside g gut through. Wb could step to 9 and then block ILB. Ball carrier just needs to know that it's a hole short and adjust his path.

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    When we see a 9 tech we run what we call our jack. Playide is blocked like the down. Playside guard pulls flat down the line and kicks the end. WB fakes sweep block, and seals the first backer to inside. Playside tackle gap, down, TE gap, down backer. Backside guard pulls flat then gains depth but turn upfield off of the playside tackles down block the back cuts up sooner than bucksweep and we run underneath it.

    Sorry if that seemed a bit wordy. You can also split your TE and WB into a nasty formation.

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    I would say if you are having doubts about buck sweep at this point in the year and your kids are having doubts about it. Don't use it this year. Put it on the back burner for next year. If you are close to playing games, maybe it best not to spend a ton of time working on a play that you are not going to call in a game. Just another point of view. You can be a wing-t team and not run buck sweep every year. (I hope I do not get my forum rights taken away for this).

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    Quote Originally Posted by tampabay
    (I hope I do not get my forum rights taken away for this).


    I agree with you about putting Buck on the back burner if it isn't going to go. Maybe too early to think that way, maybe not, but you are the guy who has eyes on them.

    You can still run Trap & Waggle/Waggle TE with Jet motion and accomplish many of the same things from the same series. If these are HS kids, then maybe it will click for them next year after another summer of practice.

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