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    If I was coaching today I would Take On the offense by Series.
    Down Series
    1 183 Down
    2.181 Down Sweep or Option
    3.Down Counter or Sally
    4.183 down pass.
    Belly Series.
    5.187 cross block
    6.189 Sweep or Option
    7.Belly counter
    8Belly counter boot.
    9 Belly Pass
    10 Wedge
    About 20 years ago at the Delaware Clinic they had the State Champions put up their 10 plays. Almost the same but 121-124trap and 121 Waggel also
    Chuck Klausing E mail

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    WHat does the belly counter look like? We only have the sally off of down/belly action

  3. Default Belly Counter 184 Tackle Trap Counter

    I am not sure of the Delaware Numbering but it is a tackle trap counter over the Right Guard with a Belly fake to the left. The Q B reverse pivots and hands off to the LHB who steps left and comes back to the right and receives an underhand off. The faking F b blocks anyone following the play.
    There is also a great counter boot pass off the run action.

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    Sounds like 134-936 Counter to me!
    Ed Sadloch
    Head Football Coach
    Cedar Grove (NJ) H.S.

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    Right out of the Delaware 100 plays book, it is listed as the same play just able to use in both series. We actually also use it as 184/986 Ctr. like Coach K, some guys I know use 134/936 some use 184/986. Great play out of our Red and blue as well.

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