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Thread: jet sweep vs rocket sweep blocking

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    Default jet sweep vs rocket sweep blocking

    Hi - I know that the jet and rocket are traditionally blocked differently, but I am wondering if the rocket will work as well - or close- if blocked like jet. Last year, we had confusion between the 2 and it would be simpler if we did both the same. Any thought or experience of people doing it this way would be appreciated.

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    For us, it wouldn't work to block the two the same way, but it would depend on your mechanics and goal.

    We are pitching the ball to the PSTE area or WIDER, so the PST doesn't need to block anything on or inside of him (outside release it) and the PSG would never get in front of the ball if he pulled.

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    We block these two plays pretty much the same, with one exception. On rocket won't block the DE unless he makes us and on jet we do. that is about the only change we make.

    I like the rocket much more so than the Jet, but the counters off of the Jet are much better.

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    We block them the same.
    Be great!
    Frank Laratta

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    I agree with Coach K007.

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    Default Jet Sweep vs. Rocket blocking

    We have been blocking the two plays the same for the last 7 years. We tried the base way of blocking Rocket and found that it provided no distinct adavantage in running it the traditional way. Jet rules work fine for Rocket too in our opinion. Good luck.

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    We block Rocket the same as Jet. Similar assignments make better linemen!
    Ed Sadloch
    Head Football Coach
    Cedar Grove (NJ) H.S.

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    I like the way you think Coach (Sadloch)!
    Be great!
    Frank Laratta

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    I definately agree with Coach Sadloch! I implemented the wing-T last year as the new head coach and my line men 's head were spinning. They ran the spread for 5 years and did not have the complexity of the wing-t scheme. I have gotten the playbook to 10 blocking schemes and the line has really picked it up so far.
    [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkGreen]Jamie Auch

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    Does anyone block Rocket with a crack scheme successfully?

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