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Thread: jet sweep vs rocket sweep blocking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coach Auch
    I definately agree with Coach Sadloch! I implemented the wing-T last year as the new head coach and my line men 's head were spinning. They ran the spread for 5 years and did not have the complexity of the wing-t scheme. I have gotten the playbook to 10 blocking schemes and the line has really picked it up so far.
    Exactly! Sure, maybe you think there's a better way to block Rocket (and maybe there is) but if the kids brains are overly taxed, they will not execute! So the extra let's say 10% gain in scheme can be easily lost in lack of execution.

    We use the same blocking scheme for Jet, Rocket, FB & Belly Sweeps. And if for example you don't want the PSG to pull, simply give a "stay" call...

    Some of it's a "sales pitch" - we make the schemes similar enough and with the addition of some adjustments, we actually have more schemes but we "sell" it as one scheme with an adjustment shhhh....
    Be great!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rpetrie
    Does anyone block Rocket with a crack scheme successfully?
    We have used it successfully versus man coverage, especially in goalline situations. We also will crack-arc versus 4-3 with 2 safeties. Against most other 2-safety looks you will probably need another a perimeter blocker because your PSHB will already be locked up with the OLB.

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    Thank you all for your input. I think that we'll just block it like jet to keep it simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maraudercoach
    We also will crack-arc versus 4-3 with 2 safeties.
    Can you describe this, please?

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    Default Jet Sweep vs. Rocket blocking

    We block the edge all kinds of different ways including base, crack, double crack, load, sucker, etc. we never want the defense to dictate to us. We give our players the advantage. That being said, when you have SE's who love to crack, its devestating to an OLBer.
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