What would be some things that you would do vs a 4-4 (5-1-3-7:Lbers a 30 weak & a 10 strong) with outside LBers 5-6 Yds on & outside the EMLOS. We are a Jet/Rocket team and they are definately intent on stopping it. They are a lot bigger but overall not as quick and fast.

1. Rocket/(Jet not much; primarily for a back that can't catch)
2. Trap
3. Power
4. Counter (power scheme)
5. Belly/Down
6. "Midline" just started on the install; may not be ready.
1. Rocket Flood
2. Hitch
3. 4 vertical
4. Boot
5. Smash

Gameplan: Go two splits same side and see how they adjust and run belly and Rocket strong if they don't adjust LBers and offset FB weak if they do and run Rocket weak. Throw in a crack and double crack scheme. Go two tight and run Down or Rocket depending on outside LBer alignment and strength. They always have a 1 & 3. Trap the three and if we can't trap him run midline and option him. If 3 & Mike LBer take dive then no one in B gap. Go trips and run Smash with #3 receiver clearing the safety.

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.