Starting mid-season last fall, we changed our 3 step protection to sliding the line with the FB going backside. The technique that we used wasas follows: a short quick drop step with slide-side foot and then basically run3 quick steps, moving the entire line aggressively and hitting any defender in our way. If the ball was not gone then, we would square our bodies and protect playside gap. My new OC wants us to stay parallel to LOS as we slide, but I believe that does not keep the defenders hands down, does not look like run to freeze the LBs, and cannot be aggressive. When we switched to the drop step (and some of them really just took a down step to be more aggressive) and run method, we eliminated all seepage, but this coach and my HC tell me that because the OL are turning their shoulders, they are making gaps for the D to come through. I argue that when the all turn and move aggressively and low in sync, there are no gaps. Any thoughts?