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    The team we play next Friday is a very discipline 4-4 cover three team. When is a great time to call a waggle? What should we really look to when we want to make sure we can call the waggle?. Their backside end is a flat trail player and sometimes he just stays home on the backside. Thanks

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    I like calling it as the 1st play of the game. Most defenses are geared to stop the traditional Wing T plays (trap, bucksweep, belly). Most of us will run one of those on 1st down/1st play to see what we get as far as DL techs, motion adjustments, Lber depth, etc... Throw on 1st down!!! Totally messes with the DC. We threw on 1st down/1st play of the game a couple years back in consecutive games and ahd BIG gains/touchdowns.
    Waggle is one of those plays that can open up the D and show you what they will do to trap/buck/ how they adjust to pulling guards, etc...

    Creehan says its an unstoppable play in one of his videos. I 100% agree.

    This year at a new school we run the spread(nice change up, we could be a wonderful wing T team, all the elements) yesterday we put in the bucksweep version of waggle (using jet motion as our fake). It looked very good for day 1.
    I dont think its a 3rd and long play, it is an any down/distance play. dont quit on it if it doesnt work the 1st time. QB has to attack the flank to keep them honest.

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    That is why I installed triple off of waggle.
    With a disciplined team, they are going to make sure they stop all boots and waggles, and to a certain degree, if the BS-DE stays home that can happen. But defenses prepare for one person running at them. It's a whole other story when he's got to defend 3. Even if you double option it, it should be a decent enough play to frustrate the DE.
    There's the link that has the diagram and blocking rules to it.
    You'll have to copy and paste it onto your address bar.
    However, to answer your question ... script your plays and find out when you call waggle? Do you call it on 3rd and long usually? Do you call it after you called belly? The 1st thing you want to do it break that tendency. After that, you want to call it on "obvious" running situation. 1st & 10, 2nd & Short, etc.
    I hope it helps.
    Marcelo Metzelar

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    1) Run Bucksweep or FB Trap
    2) QB checks flank while carring out waggle fake
    3) If DE chases flat down line - Run Waggle
    If DE contains QB - Run Waggle Shuffle or CT XX

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsanny
    1) Run Bucksweep or FB Trap
    2) QB checks flank while carring out waggle fake
    3) If DE chases flat down line - Run Waggle
    If DE contains QB - Run Waggle Shuffle or CT XX
    Back in the day, that's the way I learned when to run waggle.
    Ed Sadloch
    Head Football Coach
    Cedar Grove (NJ) H.S.

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    Coaches, thanks for your help on this. This website is the best, all the coaches help each other out. Keep up the great work on here.

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    Another good idea is to run a naked bootleg with the QB. So many team key the guards and are totally confused when the QB keeps and no one pulls with him. We have had a tremendous amount of success doing this over the years and nobody except the QB knows it is a bootleg.

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    When running waggle TE side vs. a solid cover 3 team we will convert our TE post to a deep out - If the Cover 3 corner is good he will be sitting on the corner route - it has been good for us on 1st down as well - we seem to see less blitz and more traditional coverages.

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