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    How many of you guys run midline and how much time does it take you to teach the mesh without consistently fumbling the ball?



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    Default midline part 2

    what are the coaching points to the mesh?



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    I have a FANTASTIC attachment I can email anyone who wants it. PM me if interested.

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    Coach-- we are a first year team running this offense. We run midline--if you have a Qb than can run in a hard nose fashion-- RUN THIS PLAY!! We practice it for 10 minutes each week. Knock on wood- the ball has never touched the turf. We also run veer as a double option... we load block the clsoed backer inside the TE-- the TE fans out and our QB reads the 5 and if he keeps, follows the HB or WB thouugh C gap

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    Midline is a great play. The blocking scheme is very simple and you can formation and motion to create confusion. I dont teach a mesh. Qb steps off midline and puts the ball in the fullbacks path. He reads the action of the 3 tech. If the 3 tech closes hard he pulls the ball and follows the wing through the b gap. If the 3 tech does not try to take the fullback, qb leaves the ball for the fullback. If the ball is in the fullbacks gut it is his. This reduces fumbling.

    Qb reads 3 tech.
    tackle blocks on to outside
    you can fold the te or wing to lb
    The guard and wing/te are bracketing the lb to negate gap exchange stunts.

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