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    Any good RB screens and how to block them?
    Javier Valdes
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    Coach: I haven't heard from you in a while... I hope your season is going well!
    We ran a HB side screeen and a FB middle screen.... and a roll out one way and throw back screen to the TE... which could just as easily be to the RB!
    We quick set the line then pulled the 2 G's and C to get out on the side of the call for the screen. The OT stays to secure the edge. Back side blocks HARD... you don't want pressure from that side too!
    HB "ole" blocks (swing and miss!) and works outside for 2 steps and turns back to the QB.
    On middle screen, the FB "ole's" to his side then steps in behind the C... 3 yards deep. The line butt blocks then heads upfield like it's Wedge. The FB catches the ball behind the line, so they can be downfield. He turns and runs it like a kick off return wedge.
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    Waggle Screen
    We run waggling screen pulling B/S og with the QB to make it look like waggle. We will pull center inside and B/S tackle to kick out force. Dive back will run boot course and fall off his b/s block the QB will waggle out and throw back to dive back following. TE will run his crossing route but stop when he sees LB reaction and pick off first one. WB runs post and blocks FS.
    Been good for us - on all downs.

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    I say the answer to your question lies in your ability to take a coach with a legendary status out for a beer! Pick his brain and make sure you bring a legal pad to draw plenty of diagrams. Coach Raymond is right across alligator alley from us, so if you buy the beer, I'll pay for the gas!
    Marcelo Metzelar

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    Quote Originally Posted by bulldawg71
    Any good RB screens and how to block them?

    Javi- You never sent me your O line stuff!! Did you get my text?

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    No i didnt truck resend it to me.... Metz for a second I thought u were talking about someone else...
    Javier Valdes
    Head Football Coach
    Mater Academy Lions
    Miami, FL

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