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    I just checked out the West Va. Wesleyan website to see how Denny Creehan is doing with the Wing-T. To my dismay the website says Denny Creehan Head coach, Offense: Spread! I almost soiled myself. It is a sad day. The guy who is one of the biggest proponents of the offense no longer runs it. I wonder why?????

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    Coach I hate to break the news to you but sometimes you have to do what you have to do to win. I am sure Coach Creehan is still a tried and true member of the Wing-T Society. However, he probably feels that this gives him the best chance to win against the opponents he faces. Don't be surprised if there is some Wing-T in his offense!
    Ed Sadloch
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    Im not knocking the guy - just surprized. We all know it takes a heck of a lot more talent to run a spread than a Wing-T. Plus, granted it's his first year there but they aren't winning. Just surprized that is all... I mean the guy wrote books etc. about the Wing-T, so it is weird to me that he isn't running it.

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    Coach Creehan and West Virginia Wesleyan had two narrow defeats against Urbana and Concord then lost heavily to West Liberty using the Wing-T. He then beat Seton Hill with the Wing.

    Of the two losses since, both have been with the spread, but which spread? The first was against Liberty from Div 1AA and the second against 9th ranked in the region of 3 conferences Shepherd. Maybe he's trying things out with the true spread, maybe its the Spread Wing, maybe he thought he had to change to be competitive.

    He's in a tough (challenging) situation. At the end of the day you are what you truly are and he's a Wing-T coach so he may return to it later if it is the true spread he is running
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    Thanks for the info,

    I was wondering b/c the media guide says spread. I know lots of guys run Wing T traditional and from the gun. I took spread to mean spread. I looked at the stats and saw very little rushing ydg. and a higher pass to run ratio so I figured it was run of the mill spread.

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    Im running the spread at the school I am at.....
    this is about the only fix I get on wing t football, you guys....

    next year I am trying to convince the HC to mix in some wing t as short yardage and gun wing t. we lose our stud WRs, but have 2 great backs...
    hope it works,

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