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Thread: Which Colleges still employ the traditional Wing T offense?

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    Default Which Colleges still employ the traditional Wing T offense?

    Guys, believe it or not, I have a stud guard who insists on going to a Wing T school or just trying to play defense elsewhere. Only 6'0, 255 but a player and a half in our offense. I need to find some schools he would be interested in. Anyone got any? He's a coaches son, His Pops preached Wing T to him for years, until his untimely death this season.

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    Maybe pudget sound in Washington. Some schools in PA (but many of them are abandoning it) I don't know of that many traditional teams left. Kind of sad if you ask me. A few years ago (2003) Olivet ran from double tight full house and double tight wing rt. or left and some double slot, but once Irv Sigler retired they dumped it and went downhill.

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    What is your definition of Tradional;Carnegie Mellon University is in a Red and Blue formation 90 % of the time.
    Chuck Klausing

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    I think Shippensburg ran it a few years ago. Not sure what they run now.
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    I believe Cumberland University in TN runs the Hybrid Wing.

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    Hey Guys!
    We all know Forrest Evashevski, Davey Nelson, Tuibby Raymond and Ted Kempski are the patron Saints of the Wing-T Offense! Howver, who is to say
    we are not traditional wing-t coaches? Coach Klausing mentioned Red & Blue.
    We run Red & Blue, Unbalanced and shotgun. My Principles and Philosophy are
    rooted in the Wing-T.
    What I am trying to say is do what you are comfortable doing. If you believe in misdirection and angle blocking and use it as part of your package...then in my estimation you are a wing-t coach. Even the patron saints got creative! I know...I worked their camp, attended their clinics and even had a few beers etc. with them!
    The old book says it the best Football - Principles and Play!
    Ed Sadloch
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    Great reply Coach
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    Contact Denny Creehan the Head coach at West Virginia Wesleyan. This school is located in Buckhannon WV.

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    No offense on what is and what isn't. This kid wants to pull, and trap and just attack. He doesn't want to spend 5 years backpeddling and pass-blocking. I guess traditional wasn't the best phrase, but wing T still is those things.

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    No offense to anyone, but he said traditional wing-T. No body said you aren't a Wing-T guy if you run shot wing etc. BUT - it isn't traditional wing-T. Traditional Wing T is 100/900 red blue what have you, with a STEADY diet of bucksweeep, trap, waggle, belly down (maybe the opts. off those maybe not) and keep pass, tackle trap, power, counter xx etc. Like texasstyle said, the kid wants to pull and trap etc. and as an off. lineman I'd guess he'd like to be in a run heavy system (60-40 or more). I don't know if there are any colleges like that anymore. Im pretty sure Shippensburg throws for more yards than they run, Herschel Moore and Wes Elrod are no longer at Cumberland (not sure what they do now there), and Denny Creehan has been running some spread as of late. Like I said the last team I saw that really hammered it home was Olivet (combo of wing T and Power T, with some double slot jet, trap, waggle, counter xx), but they ditched the offense after Coach Sigler left. My guess is that his only hope is to go to a run heavy power-O counter school and play guard or learn to like to drive block and find a flexbone team who still pulls on trap and trap option

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