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Thread: Defending Pistol Hybrid "Double Wing"

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    Default Defending Pistol Hybrid "Double Wing"

    Coaches just wanted to know if anyone has seen this offense? Its the Pistol with double tight, foot to foot line splits, a snug FB in front of the QB, and a wing. Its really the double wing theory out of the pistol(No motion). Would love to hear what anyone does vs. this or the double wing.

  2. Default simply direct snap double wing

    My guess is that it is the same Double Wing I run but direct snap. Im a Hugh Wyatt guy and he has been running direct snap out of his double wing for nearly 10 years. It is really no different, it just provides the opportunity to get the ball to a good athlete at QB.

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    Appreciate your thoughts. What would you do defensively that would cause you problems? They do not have the QB is gun to have him run...he just hands off. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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    Coach - I have always believed in running my base defense and just staying sound vs. the different formations. Im a simple guy, I never make up a defense for a specific opponent. If the guy is no threat to run - the direct snap is a total waste of time and all the deception is gone. Play it however you would a normal double wing - and just know that they are only running it with 10 guys! Thats one less lead blocker and one less run threat.

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