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    I know it was talked about earlier, but......

    I coach at a Spread school, the only wing T I get is with you guys. I am slowly turning us into a running team, last season they passed for alot, qb and d1 wr grad. This season we have a horse RB, a speedy frosh rb and a qb that can sling it. so,,,,,,I am going to spend the offseason working wing t into a pistol format, just to appease the HC, that we can stay in gun, run our passing game and utilize our best athletes/mediocre Ol and run the crap outta the ball next year.

    will it be a timing issue?
    I have thought to put the qb at 2 yds, fb(A) heels at 4, rb(H) at slot 2x2, te(Y) nasty split out, wing(Z) at 2x2 from TE.

    I have heard some say that we might as well go under center and run plays, but keeping with the "spread" concept that we employ, I am hoping this will help us stay within our self(should be a dominant running team) and keep everyone (coaches) happy. Because it looks like "spread".

    Any thoughts?

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    Brian Van Deusen of River Hill H S in Clarksville Md runs what he calls Pistol Rocket. He is one of my Camp Alumnus for at least 10 years. He started coming as an asst to his dad who is now the Athletic Director. Brians Record.
    2006-13 and 1 He lost in state final.
    2007 14 and 0 State champs with 551 points
    2008-14 and 0 State champs with 584 pints.
    2009-8 and 0
    I spoke at the Nike Clinic in Los Vegas in 2005 on Rocket and Brian was there.
    I just looked at his tapes. He is in Red and Blue Formations with Line wings and slots. His Q B is 2 yards back and F B is offset in many positions. Dive back to either side or cheat back up close to the LOS in B gap.
    Motions are Rocket--Canadian and Jet.
    If I was coaching today this would be my formations.
    Make Changes in the Wing T to Win
    Chuck Klausing E mail

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    Coach i believe timing will be an issue but that is an easy fix. When we first started playing with the pistol 2 years ago we ran bucksweep out of a Loose Set QB was at 3yds. The wing running the ball would aim for the heels of where the FB's feet were.

    2 years later... We run pistol bucksweep with the wing coming in front of the qb. We have a more athletic QB so we added a read to bucksweep sort of like the zone read concept. Blocking is still the same but we just read that DE if he comes down to chase the Wing we pull and keep, if he stays we give. Another big thing is so many teams read our guards so when pull and keep the LBS are tackling our RB without the ball.

    Here is what it looks out of our 2 Back Gun


  4. Default Buck Sweep from Gun

    Very interesting. As I have said often little changes in the Wing T can help you win
    Chuck Klausing

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    I am interested in your tinkering. I think you have to figure what you want to run and then adjust the qb footwork to get the timing right.
    We played a fly sweep pistol team. Very good. A lot of bucksweep like action with fly back and inside zone with the fullback.

    Here are some Muskegon video I have been watching. Muskegon was a flexbone team and now is a pistol flexbone team.

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    The Q B looks to be in the same position our F B was in the single wing in the 30s and 40s. Our problem was teaching him to pass because the ball was too fat.This Q B seems to have no problem with the exchange and see the field better.I am going to see Carnegie Mellon on Sat and they have solved the center snap problem.One of the secrets in coaching is putting a good athlete in the best position to help you win. This team has.
    Chuck Klausing E mail

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    some great thoughts here.

    I really want to keep the true pistol look, so it looks more like red/blue with qb in gun. Thinking about it, the qb footwork will have to be stellar as the fb/wb's shouldnt change a whole lot.

    I think with the qb handing off in front of him, takes away the disception of the wing t. qbs back to the line is scary, I know, but I think thats the mystery of the whole deal. Defense has to find the ball.

    I guess this is going to come down to trying it out some with some boys and adjusting it that way. 20's seem to be the major set that may give some problems, 80s and jet sweep shouldnt be very difficult to run. rocket could be pretty easy too.

    thanks fellas, keep giving ideas. its helping my thoughts alot!

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