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Thread: Thought on attacking this defense

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    Default Thought on attacking this defense

    This week we are facing a 5-3. We should get the following alignments in red/blue:
    To the TE side a wide 9, 4i, 2i, then a 2i and a 5 to the SE side. The LB's are head up on the OT's and center. Corner to the SE 8 yds inside levrage, FS Over the Center 12 yds deep, and the corner the the TE is about 7yds over his head

    I know the first thing you do is go to doulbe slot. I will also run pro red or pro blue.

    I would be interested in what your guys would run formational and play wise.

    Thanks in advance....
    Chris Cuomo
    Offensive Coordinator
    East Haven High School
    East Haven, CT

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    Belly Keep Pass comes to mind. Seems like the OLB would have a tough time covering the flat. Keep Pass Switch, with that WB going full speed would make it even tougher on that OLB. Puts that corner in a bind. Rocket and Jet are also good to hit the edges if everyone is crammed inside, as long as the split side of your line can cut off penetration.

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    widen the splits on the weak side and run belly til the cows come home.
    waggle out of red and blue is tough.
    a flood type pattern out of red and blue(weak) is tough
    my flood would be
    lhb-10 yd corner
    fb seal back side edge
    rhb-jet motion and 5 and out
    te post/drag/vert
    keep pass is great!

    the down should be great,

    I would pass and pass and pass some more. Waggle keep for qb would be tough to stop, as he has a lead blocker.

    Dont attack walled cities!

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    Anything off tackle to the TE/Wing side should be good.
    Down, Down ISO, Power

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    Default unbalance

    Coach go unbalance line. SE Over. This will get them out of it. Double slot is a great answer as they will have to balance the defense of be minus 1 to a side.

    Jet to the SE side is an easy answer. Hitch to the SE with the corner off. Waggle since they dont seem to want to defend the flats at all.

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    Shipwing is right! By the way great season Ship!!!!
    Ed Sadloch
    Head Football Coach
    Cedar Grove (NJ) H.S.

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    One play - outside Veer

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