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    What suggestions do you have when the defense has a 3 tech on each guard and has the C covered? What about when they walk LB's into the A gaps and they blitz? My concern is initially getting a clean snap to execute Rocket or other outside plays.

    Coach Merrell

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    Rep the crap out of the rocket. Also make sure you have a center or someone snaping the ball when running the drill.

    Where are the DE/OLB's playing? We faced a team that did the same to us, the had the end in a 5 to the SE. We ran, Belly Cross block, Rocket.
    Chris Cuomo
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    no way they can stop jet sweep/rocket sweep.
    if they have techs outside 7's/9's to take away those plays, then run inside them, off tackle-down, down sweep, power, buck short, belly, etc...

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    Similar thread. Might have some answers.

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    Chris is right! Outside & Off tackle. Plus if they are in a 3 deep coverage and the backers are stacked on tackles who is going to cover the flat? Have the guys in the box look for where the LB's align.
    Ed Sadloch
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