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    How many of you run both the belly and buck sweep to the split side? I would like to run these plays more effectivly next fall back to the diveback split side of the formation. We have not been as effective running away from the tight/wing side. What are your blocking rules for these two plays. What coaching points should I keep in mind for making the diveback block effective at the flank? I would also like to run these two plays weak side when we go end over. We love unbalanced and teams really roll to the strength. A fast sweep play to the short corner would be sweet. Thanks for the help guys! Have a great new year and enjoy watching ten spread teams in the bowl games. Does anyone run the ball anymore?

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    Default Belly Sweep

    I should have clarified I meant belly sweep and not belly. We already run belly to the diveback split side.

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    Default I'm also curious about this play

    Could anyone provide information on belly sweep? (blocking assignments, diagram etc.)

    We ran a QB follow off of belly that gave teams headaches away from the TE/WNG.


    Coach Camm.

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    We run belly sweep exactly like belly iso except that we have the guard LOG the DE instead of kick him out. We ride the belly fake pull it and hand it to the WB. The Diveback/halfback fires out to the flat and waits for the first defender to show and takes him=usually the OLB but, sometimes a rolled up safety. Its one on one with the corner. Worked very well for us. It had the most hits on our high-light film because we were able to run belly effectively the defenisive reaction to the belly fake really opened this play up along with tremendous fakes from the QB/FB.

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    We never run sweep (buck or belly) to diveback side, but we run it to a tight slot side. We use the same rules for buck and belly for the PST and PSHB (gap, down, backer), and PSG has a waggle pull (log the first thing outside the PSHB's block if you can; if you can't log him, kick him out). Keeping the rules the same simplified it for us. This was our first year running belly sweep, but it worked well. First time we ran it in our scrimmage... 50 yard TD! We could get it at times when we couldn't get buck. It is also great because you can still pull your PSG even with an "A" gap defender. Hope this helps.

  6. Default Belly Sweep.

    E mail me at and ask for my attachments on Belly Sweep Chuck Klausing

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    We had great success with the belly sweep. We struggled running the bucksweep because our wingbacks could not quite get the gap-down-backer concept completely understood. I am their position coach, so it is somewhat my fault.
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