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    Default Practice Plans

    Does anybody have a practice plan that they are willing to share? We are re-inventing our practices and going back to the wingt offense and want to maximize our time. We only get to practice offense on Tuesday (full practice), 15 minute team offense on Wednesday, and partial practice on Thursday, pregames on Friday. Any ideas or comments would be great.

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    hope you spend the entire offseason working footwork, handoffs, blocking.
    2 hours, plus 15 min here, walkthru and pregame every week amounts to
    alot of frustration with the offense.

    I know not everyone can platoon with their squads, but I dont think you can spend the least amount of time possible and run a solid attack.


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    coach we play friday. we do jets rkts toss and new plays on mon. (that is the jv game day also). we do buck and pwr sries tues. belly series wed. and game script on thurs. So Mon. is our outside game we run /lift show film of fri night. Tues we do tackle stations . O indy 10 min usually sled for line - buck group 15 min. - pass o 15 min - team o 20 min.- wed. -we do blocking stations 5 min ,Oindy 5 min. group belly 15 min,pass 15 min. team 20 . min, thurs. we go through game script

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    Can you describe your blocking stations and tackling stations? How are they set up? Thanks.

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    coach tackling stations 4 stations wrap and roll - swipe - burn the hip - catch the mouse approx. 2 min @ each station and rotate. we got this idea from rutgers actually its interesting I do the swipe drill kids will point it out to you in film session. "hey coach did you see that swipe" if you want to talk about each individual one let me know - love talking football

    blocking stations depends on what we need to work on ex. fb works on kickout on power Hb work on leading on belly - te - se work on stalk - g-tackles work on conditional dbl teams - centers go with Qb work on shot gun man up blocking nose guard - no rotation. we founf a lot of this stuff is not really emphasized in individual or sometimes lost in group so this is our opportunity to really focus on things that we need to work on and it doesnt take that long
    we do handoffs footwork in summer and during indy period

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    We play on Friday Nights most of the season.
    Monday - Offense - Inside runs, Play-Action & 3 step
    Tuesday - Defense
    Wednesday - Combo (offense - outside runs and shotgun)
    Thursday - Pre-game Walk through
    Ed Sadloch
    Head Football Coach
    Cedar Grove (NJ) H.S.

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    Default tackling stations

    I will try to explain best I can - we usually do four stations divide the kids up & rotate station 1 wrap & roll this is designed for when you can't get your head in front we make 2 lines put a person out in front with a walk over bag on go the player in front drags the bag in an upright position away from the first person in line at a 45 degree angle - the first person in line runs after bag can't get head in front so actually as he grabs the bag he rolls in the opposite direction on the ground- catch the mouse ball carrier approx 15 yds from 2 defenders side by sie 8 yds apart. as the ball carrier gets closer the defenders adjust and get closer to each other keeping him on inside shoulder ball carrier can go straight or make 1 cut rt or lft. burn the hip - ball carrier 15 yards away 10 yards from side line- carrier goes at 45 to sideline toward defender we teach defender look at (burn) nearside hip. use sideline - carrier can slow and go - just go or make 1 cut upfield defender has to wrap him up- swipe drill - desperation when ball carrier breaks one and you are last resort chasing - we make 2 lines use 2 step overs put the bag against sideline we put player in 6 pt stance on go the player facing him holding step over bag in uprigh tposition yanks the bag away player in 6 point stance lays out using in bounds arm to swipe and knock the bag- I usually have them do 3 swipes and rotate after everyone goes I put the bags on the other side of line so they use the other arm. once again we got these from Rutgers - it works well for us and kids do point it out in film session. I do the swipe station it is a little boring but I play it up by telling them this is themost important part of your day. this and breakfast any ? please just ask

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    Default My practice plan

    This is the wat we run our offensive practice. I was wondering if anybody has another way that might be more efficient or just different.
    3:20 Early Groups
    3:30 Waves-Everydays
    3:40 Stretch
    3:50 Individual Period
    4:25 Interior
    4:40 Option Perimeter
    4:55 Team Pass/ Pass Skeleton
    5:10 Team Offense
    5:30 Special Teams
    5:40 Conditioning
    Times do vary every once in awhile but I'm just not sure if there are better periods to install during the practice.

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    We can are not big enough to split squad; we spend no more than 20 minutes on any Breakdown or team sessions;
    Monday: (JV games) Varsity = film, Agility drills, 2 minute offense; AAT of opp. offense this week; Conditioning, Weight in the Morning
    Tuesday: Agility Drills; O Breakdown; Team O; Specialty; D Breakdown; Quick Team D; Conditioning
    Wednesday: AM Lifting;Turnover Circuit; Specialty D Breakdown; Tackle Circuit; Team D; Quick O Breakdown; Team O; Conitioning
    Thursday: Specialty Review; Team O; Team D; Specialty Rev.
    Friday: Walk Through; Then Game

    We try to be quick and precise on every session. If we need to slow down and cover more in depth; than we cut out some parts of another area. I would rather spend more time in Breakdown than team.

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