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    I believe their are four-4- parts of Football. Offense-Defense-Special Teams--And Leadership. Years ago Bobby Bowden invited me to come to F S U.and teach his staff how to develop Leaders. I found some of my notes that might interest you. Number 1--Are you still a captain.
    E mail me at and ask for the attachment.
    Chuck Klausing

  2. Default Leadership Number 2

    I have about 20 Pages of notes that I use in teaching Leadership. Each nite at my camps I sit down with the Captains and Leaders of our teams. This lesson is titled DUTIES OF CAPTAINS AND LEADERS. If you are interested E mail me at clkb5401 and ask for the attachment.
    Chuck Klausing E mail

  3. Default Leadership Number 3

    Scholastic Coach wrote an article that 80% of NCAA atheltes are Hazed. This attachment tells how we stopped the problem and went on a 55 game winning streak. If interested ask for the attachment on HAZING.
    E mail me at
    Chuck Klausing

  4. Default Lesson # 4--Recruiting your school for players.

    This is the time of year that College coaches come into to recruit for athletes. It was also the time of year that I recruited my school for players that should be out for football. I have an attachment on this if interested.
    E mail me and and ask at
    Chuck Klausing

  5. Default What Makes A Super Bowl Champion

    A great article on what makes a Super Bowl Champion. I became a friend of Art Rooney Jr the 2nd son of the Chief Art Rooney Sr. Artie and I sat down and he esplained what he was looking for in draft Choices.It tells us what we are looking for to hav a Championship Team with Leadership.
    Chuck Klausing E mail
    Ask for attachment What makes a Super Bowl Champion

  6. Default Lesson # 7 How to teach right from wrong.

    This lesson list 10 head line articles where the players or coaches have done jail time. They should be discussed at a Round Table with Veteran Coaches. If interested e mail me at and ask.
    Chuck Klausing E mail

  7. Default Leadership #10 Kids Drugs and Sports.

    In 1962 I was coming into the Locker Room at West Point the manager was handing out a pill in a Dixie Cup. I said give me one I have a cold coming on. He said coach you dont want this it will take the hair off your chest. I went into the Training Room and Eddie Pillings our Trainer was very upset. He had me read what Steroids would do to you. I am glad this was the last day I saw any in a Training Room Ask for Leadership #10--Kids and Drugs.
    Chuck Klausing E mail

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