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Thread: What defense?

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    Default What defense?

    To all Wing-T coaches, what defensive front/fronts give you the most trouble?

  2. Default Wing T Defense

    Not the fronts but B squads that can demo the plays.
    Chuck Klausing E mail

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    Any defense that has players who have S's under their shirts.
    Coach Wright

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    From Hesrchal Moore

    the guys that look like this


    but seriously,
    trouble for me is a nose that commands a double team is the biggest problem for me.
    I know most of us put the best lineman at center to stop this problem, but sometimes that doesnt work.

    we played a team a few years back that played head up 2s and 9s, with 2 lbers in those HUGE gaps and 2 outside the 9s. Well I thought for sure we could run belly, down, those plays, not a chance. the lbers are both playing in college now and the 2s were 150lb animals that didnt quit and wer fast as hell.

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    Thanks coach. Reason I was asking is because we are getting into a new region with ALOT of other Wing -T teams and are looking into changing our defense a little bit. I know what gives us trouble, but I was just looking for other opinions.

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    At my current school, we were trying to install the wing, but with our focus on the passing game, we never got to install the lead series. Trying to run buck or down when the ILB is blitzing the PS-A gap is a pain in the butt. The logical option is to run the lead series, but if you hang your hat on the other two series without emphasizing the lead series, it's a bear to deal with.
    Marcelo Metzelar

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    The ones with Great Football Players! Just kidding. Not so much the defense
    but the ability to disrupt blocking schemes. We are still a rule blocking team
    (for the most part) so the hardest part is teaching kids to remember their
    rules and how they apply. Hope this lends some insight.
    Ed Sadloch
    Head Football Coach
    Cedar Grove (NJ) H.S.

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    The Under with cover 4 provides problems for "traditional" Wing-T teams (Buck/Belly series). It puts a big body in the weakside B-gap, and makes it very tough on the buck sweep by putting a big body inside the TE and a 2 point LB to downblock (a tougher block than a 3 point 9 tech IMO).

    Then you rotate the secondary to motion or alignment.

    It's very flexible (tough to get out-formationed which is a Wing-T specialty) becaue of the 4 man secondary. The block down/step down squeezing fronts make it tough to get the trap going. Both linebackers are pretty well covered from lineman releasing (Will should be almost untouchable, it's tough to get the Mike as well).

    With all that said, the Wing-T is series football so every front has a solution. Some of them are just harder to use than others. It really depends on what type of Wing-T you face.

    The easiest fronts to see (IMO) are the 4-2-5 and 3-3-5.

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    All great info. Thanks!

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    Coach S
    Do you run The Under with cover 4?
    Chris Cuomo
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    East Haven High School
    East Haven, CT

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