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Thread: Shuffle/Shovel pass

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    Default Shuffle/Shovel pass

    My Def. Coordinator has been begging me to put in the shuffle pass for years. We are elimanting some elements of our offense and I feel we may have room for it. Three questions.

    1. Is it in the Buck Series or something else (what are you looking for when you call it)

    2. Anyone have blocking scheme that they really like

    3. Anyone doing this out of Wing-t Shotgun sets?

    As always thank you.

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    Default shovel

    We ran it out of gun looks and empty gun. Up front we blocked it like Power. Down-Down...BSG pull around the horn for frontside inside...leave the DE unblocked. Shovel when DE comes upfield or outside. If he crashes keep it. We blocked the perimeter with jet/rocket rules in case we kept it.

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    We have run it from every series & backfield action along with many formations. I tried to upload them to the website but was not able to. Email me at & I will send them to you.

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    I've run a shovel pass two ways. I ran the down play out of gun and I ran the shovel out of waggle. Both were successful for me.
    Hit me up with an e-mail if you have questions on either.
    Marcelo Metzelar

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    Default shovel

    we have run it 3 ways
    1-off the waggle
    2-off the sprint out action
    3- off the sprint option
    off the waggle has been very good when the DE is going up for the QB
    we pull the BSG and gut him up and just let the DE run
    Joe Sells

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    I run it just like waggle, everything is waggle except for wb coming underneath. QB attacks the flank and makes DE/lber come to him an the pitch goes under him to wb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mnike23
    I run it just like waggle, everything is waggle except for wb coming underneath. QB attacks the flank and makes DE/lber come to him an the pitch goes under him to wb.
    We had the TE come underneath and the WB over the top to give it a triple look. We figured, this is a way to get the ball in our TE's hands. So, if you have a good TE, that's a good way to do so.
    Marcelo Metzelar

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    We played around with this play, because it looks so easy when it works. But I always had two problems with it...1) it seems to eat up practice time; more than its share when we ratio to how often we ran it. and 2) It always seemed like we had no luck when we ran it in a game- a defender wouldn't come up field, or the QB would shuffle it matter how good it looked in practice, I could just never get it coached up correctly.

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    Coach Plaa,
    Excellent points. If did take up a lot of time. However, we worked on it during spring drills, we worked on it over the summer and in 2 a days before we actually ran it in a game. Once the season began, we repped it a few times, but it didn't absorb as much practice time as it did during the previous months.
    We ended up running it 24 times: 12 Pitches, 12 shovels! We never planned it that way, but kinda neat how it was very balanced. I imagine if we only had the shovel component, it would have been 12 shovels and 12 sacks or something.
    Marcelo Metzelar

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