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Thread: Counter Boot and tackle trap

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    Default Counter Boot and tackle trap

    We currently run the Belly, Belly Sweep and a waggle back to the TE of this action. We have Belly Keep Pass to the Split end side but had zero completions this year in varsity games. We are looking to run the tackle trap, but Gut block it to the TE side with the guard instead; that way we do not have to add another blocking scheme. I was curious if anyone else did it that way. Also, what are the pass blocking rules on the counter boot. We are looking to maybe false pull the guard to the TE side. I lost my Wing-T A to Z books when I moved here a few years ago.

    Coach Holt

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    Default Couonter Boot

    We probably should have run the Counter Boot more... it was a very good play for us.
    We, however, had to "modify" our line blocking to fit HS kids' reactions... and went away from what Tubby and the guys said to do (i.e., make it look just like Tackle Trap Counter run and pull the OT!) We couldn't do that cuz it left our edge to the flank that the QB is rolling out to, too exposed.

    What we did was block it like our 90's Quick Fire passes, no new learning for the line. Everyone "back blocked" away from the play side... that is: Gap-- Down away from the call. We brought the Wing around and flat motioned him and he can help on the edge player. The FB in the flat is usually wiiiiiide open... but the TE drag is also good.

    Hope that helps!

    and... Coach: why don't you want to pull the OT on the Counter? It's the "classic" Del. Wing T play. It's 30 series blocking with the trap of the first man past the C. Grrrrrrreat play!!!

    In Christ,

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks coach, do you have the FB go through the LOS like on waggle??? As for not pulling the tackle, my reasoning is we like to limit our total run blocking schemes to eight.

    Counter XX
    Rocket (similar to Jet, but we block two plays with one scheme, pitch to our HB or a handoff to the FB. We either call 29 to pitch or 22 to handoff. We pull the tackle on the TE side.)
    Jet Pitch (we pull the Guard, and unlike Rocket our backside has cutoff. We went to the pitch to the splitend side last year and liked it better than handing the ball off on Jet.)
    Belly (Also run sweep but the only change in block is the Guard will pull past the DE and block the force. We usually let the DE take himself out of the play and have the HB run past him to the LB. If the DE squats, the HB will block him.)
    Sally (We are going to go to a Gut scheme instead of the traditional pass set. Sally was a killer for me when I was at Princeton, small school. The defenses usually sold out more and it opened up. At our present level, the teams are coached up better and do a better job of staying put. We are going to block it this year instead of pass set.)

    If we add tackle trap, it is another scheme and I hate putting in a blocking assignment we will only use on 1 play.

    coach Holt

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    I love the Tackle trap. When I teach it Just tell everyone it is trap BUt the tackle pulls very little new learning.

    I love cntr boot and use it as my quick power pass play from the I getting a rec. in flat right away.

    One on my fav. change ups is Mo (motion) Cntr. I looks similar to sweep but hits up inside.
    Bryan Schaumloffel and

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    Default Blocking Rules

    Coaches please email me your blocking rules for the two plays.

    Coach Holt

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    Default Counter

    Coach Holt: I concur with Coach on the simplicity of installing Tackle Trap Counter. It's "Trap" but our Tackle pulls. We do use 30 series (post/lead) rules to get the double team but it's the same as Trap. I'm glad that you've gotten mileage out of Sally cuz we bagged it after 3 seasons of futility... couldn't get the defense to do what we wanted them to. We just had too much success with Counter!

    As far as the FB through on Counter Boot... remember, we don't pull our OT so the line stays solid and... is blocking "back"... away from the play side. So if we're running Counter Boot to our left, the line is to to "RAM"... step RIGHT! That doesn't leave a gap for the FB to "wiggle" through like he has on Waggle. We tell him to run at the tail of the play side OT and then dip OUTSIDE of him... but inside the DE and get width... NOT depth into the flat!!
    Does that help??

    In Christ,

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    Default Yes

    WE have our FB do that on our Waggle Cross. We actually want him picked up by the flat defender. We want the CB to pick up our 14 back to 12 and we want the Safety to jump the TE, so we can sneak our WB across on a deep crosser. With your counter boot, do you run post corner with the X and drag the TE?????

    Coach Holt

  8. Default Questions

    Lew...a quick question foryou. We run FB belly to SE flank along with Belly Sweep and Belly Pass. We will use various motions and sets to run them. For misdirection...we did tackle Trap when we first put the wing in back in 1987, but got away from it. Lately, we have been running counter trey (Joker) back to the C gap as a misdirection play. I am interested in your evaluation of the two plays.

    I like your idea on protection for your ctr boot pass play.


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    I have had many wing-t coaches smarter than I tell me the best counters involve pulling the tackles, breaks those og reads. Just a thought.

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